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eBay #1

I love eBay for cute and unique finds and to be honest I buy to much on eBay. Starting from today I will be posting a new eBay post every Monday.  I have to be honest and say that I do not have a fancy name for this segment on my blog. I am just going to name them from #1 till the moment that it ends.  So this first eBay blogpost has three items that are currently high on my wishlist, I think that these are really nice for the current season. These eBay items are something that I would toss in my basket and buy if I had the money. The lipsticks have to be my favorite.

I picked a sweater from eBay, a lovely print that goes round the neckline and something that would be perfect for a casual day. I personally adore the black version but it does come in different colors. Also I wanted to show the L.A girl matte lipglosses that can be bought on eBay for a really decent price. I really adore the brown and purple shades. On google you can find a lot of swatches and raving reviews. Also if you leave a comment with the shade you want to see a review with swatches from tell me, I might buy a few to review here. And last but not least a fun little bag that has a holographic design, and I just adore some holo. It looks special yet still fancy, meaning it is perfect for an all black outfit or a party.

Feather sweater – it comes in black, white and blue – $6.99
L.A. GIRL MATTE LIP GLOSS – 18 colors – $5.34
Holographic bag – $25.99

Lots of love,


Once in a while I want to make a cute video without it being a vlog or a video with a meaning.  So today I present you a short video that I shot, featuring my cat/kitten. People watch vlogs about people so why not about a cat? I decided to make a cute little video that you can watch if you click more. Also tell me in the comments if you want more of these video’s.

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Maybelline Matte Master Ink eyeliner Review

Maybelline Eyeliner goals

Eyeliner is my most used beauty item, I really adore winged eyeliner and I tend to wear it daily. I am pretty sure a lot of people have not seen my face without eyeliner. Kind of my daily thing eyeliner. I normally go for my trusty catrice eyeliner in dating jack black but I also like to experiment. One criteria needed is a felt tip, the rest is all optional. I am not a pen person meaning I want to dip my eyeliner in the liquid. I feel like that always gives the best result for me.  So when I saw the above eyeliner from Maybelline I had to get it, partly because it said it is matte and also the package played a large part into buying this. Look at the combination of white and black and I do like the font used.

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X-men apocalypse


X-Men with amazing characters

The story of Katniss Everdeen who got a blue make-over, Sansa Stark who turned bad-ass and slightly phoenix and how Charles Xavier lost his hair. Yes I am talking X-Men Apocalypse. With the emergence of the world’s first mutant, Apocalypse, the X-Men must unite to defeat his extinction level plan.  As the fate of the Earth hangs in the balance, Professor X must lead a team of young X-Men to save mankind from complete destruction. Somehow I feel like every X-men movie has the same plotline but I did want to give this movie a chance to prove itself.

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Stamping plates, I have always been a fan because they can give you a little extra without being to much work. Also I am a big aztec fan so I had to do a nail-art with some Aztec inspiration. I decided to combine glitter, nude and some black.  Really happy with the result I decided to write this little blogpost about my aztec nail-art and tell you what I used. I used to do a lot of blogposts with nail art and then my nails broke down and are weaker then before, they are currently growing again but they are still not great. Also I will tell you about my lovely ring combination because I am personally in love with this stack.

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Evenstar is an old term for the “evening star” of astronomy, denoting the planet Venus or (less commonly) the planet Mercury. But it is also a jewel which Arwen gives to her love Aragorn in Lord of the Rings. I personally feel that was the most romantic part in the movie and I wanted an Evenstar for myself. I mean the design is just so pretty!  I got mine from eBay for $0.99 with free shipping. Because it is from eBay it is not real silver. If you want a real silver pendant you have to pay a bit more then under a dollar. But mine keeps up really well.

Silver plated Evenstar

$0.99 Necklace on eBay
$0.99 Earrings on eBay
$49.99 at Necklace on Large

Silver Evenstar
$89.99 Silver earrings on Large
€99.99 Silver pendant on Large
€89.99 Silver earrings on Large



Explain my shirt?

Dear boys, guys and other men. Not everything a woman does is for male attention. Let us start with that before I go on. Woman do not roam the world just to attract a guy. But let us get to the subject at hand: my large breasts and the fact that I am a geek, nerd, gamer and whatever label you want to stick on me. Strangely enough I always find myself in situations where I have to explain my clothing choice.  Because the moment I wear a DC or Marvel shirt people, mostly men, ask me about it. And then I do not mean people asking me who my favorite avenger is. But guys asking me “Do you even know who that is on your shirt?” meaning I have to name the characters on my shirt, tell a bit of backstory about them and perhaps explain….no not explain, I have to convince them that I know what I am wearing. Because saying “Captain America” is not enough, no! I am expected to name every movie and actor because I can be a fraud who searched him on wikipedia.


So why do I have to explain myself and tell people that I know my shit, while others don’t. Because I am a girl? Because I wear make-up? Because I have large breasts? Because because because….Because people like to be idiots. It is really about girls also liking something that is marketed towards men? Is it because those guys do not want to share?
It is strange that we still live in a world with labels and groups that have to look a certain way. A girl with a good amount of make-up, boobs and fashion forward clothing should only like make-up and fashion….right? I personally this that that girl should like whatever they want.


Often I get sick of guys telling me that I only like batman because a hot guy plays him. Or that they expect that my favorite character is male. First my favorite is Harley Quinn or should I say Harleen Quinzel, second I like my favorite characters based on storyline and movies and much more. I do not like something just to please a guy. I mean only a selected few will see my Starwars underwear and then I will be still wearing it for myself. I will not spend 20 euro for a suicide squad shirt just to please a stranger. I mean get of your high horses and let people wear whatever they want. People do not wear a certain color to impress others so why would I wear a game/comic related shirt to impress somebody?

I like make-up but also Starwars I like fashion but also gaming…I like whatever I want.
♥ Denna


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