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Nothing to cute allowed

I always wear black, it is my signature color. But recently I have been leaning towards white and grey. [Nothing to do with  shades of grey guys, not my kind of movie] So I decided to make a cute little couple shirt post. Great for valentine or you know every other day of the week when you are hanging with your boy- or girlfriend. Or if you are single, you can wear these things for yourself. I mean it is cute and not only for couples. So I decided to check out, one of my favorite sites. I am planning to do some hauls the moment I have funds. I would love to review and own some things from Large. They are international and have different sites for different countries and are often called EMP. No idea what does letters stand for.

But back to the shirts. I kind of dislike couple shirts that are pink, red and girly. Or have arrows telling people that you are with Bae. So I decided to pick two themes that I adore myself, but if you are into red and pink and girly…that is also okay.  I decided to check out Large their Playstation categorie, one of my favorite consoles. They do have a few nice things like hats and sweatpants. But I was going for shirts, tops and jackets. Anything upper body.  So in the end I decided to show you The Play In Ours, Shirt with long sleeves. It is marked down from €24.99 for €17.99. I am really debating on getting this Playstation shirt for myself. Mainly because it has an boat neck with long sleeve. I personally do not want anything to high up my neck and I mostly wear t-shirts, sometimes that is to cold. Next to the Play in Ours shirt is The Classic Playstation College Jacket, kind of preppy but still very casual. It features embroidery details and I would personally wear this jacket. It can be unisex. Or you should get it for your man and steal it.

I recently saw Assassin Creed and it was one of the most amazing movies that I saw, how they designed everything was stunning. So I recently became kind of a fan of the franchise and I am kind of wanting to play the games. So I will not be buying these shirts for myself yet but I did want to show it. Again both from these couple shirts. Both from the game [and now also movie] Assassin Creed. The Work In The Dark t-shirt, it features three knives on a white shirt. Again a boat neck, because I like that shape for a t-shirt. Normally I would not go for white but with this design I really like it. How amazing would this be paired with black ripped jeans and long grey boots. For the male I picked The Group T-shirt featuring three assassins [see what I did, three knives, three assassins]. Very basic shirt that could be a normal print but fans would recognize it.

What do you think about these tops, leave me a comment with your opinion. You can click the read more button to go to the comment section.

♥ Denna

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And I loved every second of it

  1. Don’t cry, even when you love it
  2. So many drones, I want that at my wedding. Or as engagement announcement.
  3. I am pretty sure I can use these moves to get in shape.
  4. Who choreographed the audience? [Especially at 11.00]
  5. I need a pair of glitter shorts, where can I buy those?
  6. I need to learn
  7. How did Gaga remove those glitters from her eyes?
  8. In the cape segment, did anybody see the dancer falling?
  9. She is the reason why I am blonde, should I make that outfit and cosplay it?
  10. Somebody deserves an award for fastest mike drop

What did you all think off the show?

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killer frost killerfrost Navy Lipstick blue lips comic DC Marvel Killerfrost Theflash The Flash


Give me some navy blue lipstick

Killer Frost is a villain from the DC universe she has more then one incarnation, she is mainly the adversary from Firestorm. She has three incarnations: Crystal frost, Louise Lincoln and Caitlin Snow. The last one you might from tv series if you are a fan of Agents of Shield, Arrow or The Flash. Because she has different incarnations and is part of different series she does have different looks. But one thing she does have in many images is navy lips. Above you can see different versions of Killer Frost, my favorite versions. I really adore her with with long hair and the Caitlin Snow version in the tv-series is STUNNING. So today I want to show you options of lipsticks to get if you want to make a navy lip like Killer Frost but I also want to show you my take on her look.  [O how I miss my blonde hair]

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NYX Snow white lipstick extra creamy NYXsnowwhite snowwhite

NYX Snow White, Blanche Neige

Snow white is not one of my favorite Disney princesses, I am really story for that. But I do adore the NYX Snow White lipstick. I always gravitate towards red shades because I think they look really classy. And there are so many red shades, from high end till cheaper products. Today I got a lipstick in the cheaper segment, 569 from NYX. It is from their round lipstick collection and is advertised as extra creamy. It is said to give a bright tint that stays on all day. Keep on reading for more information on this lipstick and to see how I used all the make-up on the picture to create a look.

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Patches for days

Patches, are the next big thing. Recently I got myself a set of three patches, those patches can be ironed on clothing for a playful effect. So as the little tech crazy girl I am, I turned to google images and Instagram for idea’s.  It did not take long till I saw that they look amazing on jeans. I mean the trend of patches on jackets and especially army coats has passed in my opinion but on jeans it looks amazing.  While I am looking for the perfect jeans to sew on my patches [that include fries, a burger and the word love] I decided to write this blogpost and find some links for patches that look great on jeans….or bags,shoes,shirts. I collected an assorted collection of options for people who are on trend but also for us nerds.

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Fitbit Blaze Fitbitblaze review Watch Fitspo Fit

Rose gold band / Black band

Fitbit Blaze

24 hours before leaving towards my vacation destination, I decided to shell out a lot of money for a nice little gadget. I am kind of a tech geek, I also adore statistics. The one thing that I am not is a watch person. Owning a large scala of expensive watches I have to admit that I almost never wear a watch because most of the times I forget or do not like the feeling of it on my wrist. Some time ago I used to own a fitbit flex. I also wrote an article about it. But after a long time the band somehow irritated my skin and I decided to sell the flex and get a different one. Being the pondering girl that I am I did not buy a new one. For 3 months I went on and checked different trackers like Garmin and Jawbone.  Even one of my favorite brands Fossil has wearable technology. Still I decided to go for the design that I love and get a Fitbit Blaze. Now I can make a lame pun about a blazing hot watch, but I will just get on with reviewing this little band of information.

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Innocent Smoothie Plus healthy fitspo fitsporation drink antioxidant wheatgrass flaxseed

Starwars shirt – Primark
Lashes – Red Cherry
Lipstick – Lime Crime Beet-It
Eyeshadow – Boozyshop – Eyes like an angel

Innocent smoothie plus

Green smoothies are perfect little green monsters to add to a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes you do not have time to make your own smoothie or you need inspiration and then I personally like to buy a smoothie at the supermarket. I never go to fancy places to get smoothies, that is also not a thing where I live. So I walked into the AH and grabbed myself an Innocent smoothie. I really like their package and the color green looked good. Also it is a super smoothie meaning it contains super foods. Wanna hear what I think? Keep on reading.

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Welcome to my blog

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