MAC Mehr Matte lipstick, go to daily lipstick

MAC Mehr Matte lipstick, go to daily lipstick


Mac Lipsticks, I have four when I count my newest edition Mehr. I have Faux, my first ever Mac and most loved. I have Tropic Tonic and I have some limited edition that I never wear. And today I am going to talk a bit about Mehr, or yes I am going to talk in this little introduction a bit about Mac Mehr the Matte lipstick and then after the read more I am going to show you what I am wearing with this lipstick. Because I personally think that lipsticks look beter worn then swatched on your hand.

Mac lipsticks cost €19.50, this is a little bit on the more expensive side but I think Mac lipsticks can be worth it. I tend to invest in lipsticks that I can always wear and Mehr  is one of those shades that always work. It is darker then faux and more pink toned. Your lips but darker, something more special without standing out. I think most of my Mac lipsticks are matte. I really like that trend because glossy does not suit me, I overdraw my lips a tiny bit and that is perfect for my face. I personally buy my Mac Lipsticks from Douglas but you can also check Mac their own site. Also I want to toss it out there, Mac is tossing out discount codes and having sales so keep an eye out because discounts are amazing. The matte lipsticks can be a bit drying but they do have amazing staying power. So enough information about this Mac product click read more for a look and the products that I used.

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April Wishlist

Reebok NYX Silver moon letter Necklace Mi Moneda


To keep myself more minimalistic and to have my wallet and bankaccount in a happier place, I decided to make a wishlist with items that I would like for the month of April. Not randomly spending money but thinking about what I would like for the month.  The items can be interchangeable for different brands and colors but they give a general overview for what items I am strolling this month. First off, I have been looking for some new eye shadow palettes. I love the purple and dark green tones and I have none of those at the moment. Also I am debating if I need a palette with neon colors. Pictures I have two off the perfect filter eye shadows from NYX. The next item is colored eyeliner, I pictured the vivid bright collection also from NYX.  I love the light pink, the purple and the red. Also I would adore a white eyeliner so I can be a lot more creative then what I am now at the moment. Then we have a silver necklace with tiny balls on it, I feel it is really classy. I picked a necklace from Mi Moneda and I personally feel no other will be that cute as this necklace. It can be worn on its own or with a little charm on it. Next up two bracelets, I always wear three pandora essence bracelets but I would love a stack of silver bracelets. I also have adored moons and initial jewelry. And lastly on my wishlist is a water bottle, and I really like the design of the Reebok bottles, I mean I adore Nike but Reebok has bottles with a strap.

What is on your wishlist? ♥ Denna

Cherry Skies NYX Liquid Suede lipstick

Cherry Skies red lipstick liquid suede cream lipstick

Cherry skies

I am kind of addicted to dark red lipsticks, liquid or in traditional lipstick form. Shiny till velvet till matte, I buy them all.  So when I saw Cherry skies in the German drugstore I needed to buy it, I also did not swatch in store because you can never go wrong with a dark red from NYX. So today I am going to post a little review about NYX Liquid Suede in 03 Cherry skies. So keep on reading for the review, swatches and a rundown where you can get this and other products that I used on my face.

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Loreal Colorista – Hot Pink & Light Blue

Colorista Loreal Hair Pink Blue Harley Quinn HarleyQuinn

Also wearing: Take what you need necklace  , Harley quinn face tattoo, Squad shirt , Jacket


Hey puddin’ today I got a review for the colorista sprays. Adding a pop of color in your hair is not something new, but at times you want to try it out and for those days the colorista sprays are perfect. You spray in the color and then you wash it out whenever you want.  It is a easy process and you only leave a trace when spraying it in, and to be honest the towels that I messed up washed out so no damage done!  There is a whole world of posible hair with the sprays, I mean it is made easy to be an mermaid now. I mean I want every color for the summer so I can use them on my vacation. It would be loads of fun. Also I am getting more blue and pink for my Harley Quinn hair.  Let me give you a rundown of this product because I am sure you would love to hear more.

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Killer Frost inspired navy lips

killer frost killerfrost Navy Lipstick blue lips comic DC Marvel Killerfrost Theflash The Flash


Give me some navy blue lipstick

Killer Frost is a villain from the DC universe she has more then one incarnation, she is mainly the adversary from Firestorm. She has three incarnations: Crystal frost, Louise Lincoln and Caitlin Snow. The last one you might from tv series if you are a fan of Agents of Shield, Arrow or The Flash. Because she has different incarnations and is part of different series she does have different looks. But one thing she does have in many images is navy lips. Above you can see different versions of Killer Frost, my favorite versions. I really adore her with with long hair and the Caitlin Snow version in the tv-series is STUNNING. So today I want to show you options of lipsticks to get if you want to make a navy lip like Killer Frost but I also want to show you my take on her look.  [O how I miss my blonde hair]

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NYX Snow White, Extra creamy lipstick


NYX Snow white lipstick extra creamy NYXsnowwhite snowwhite

NYX Snow White, Blanche Neige

Snow white is not one of my favorite Disney princesses, I am really story for that. But I do adore the NYX Snow White lipstick. I always gravitate towards red shades because I think they look really classy. And there are so many red shades, from high end till cheaper products. Today I got a lipstick in the cheaper segment, 569 from NYX. It is from their round lipstick collection and is advertised as extra creamy. It is said to give a bright tint that stays on all day. Keep on reading for more information on this lipstick and to see how I used all the make-up on the picture to create a look.

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HD liquid coverage foundation Catrice 030 Sand Beige

HD liquid coverage foundation Catrice 030 Sand Beige

HD liquid coverage foundation

HD liquid coverage foundation, last up to 24 hours , mattifying, second skin effect AND it comes with a dropper like applicator. This foundation sounds and looks amazing. It has a matte glass bottle, something I feel always sells a product for me. This is said to be full coverage and I think it makes a large with saying that it stays on for 24 hours. I got the shade Sand Beige and to be honest I just grabbed one after a quick swatch session.  It comes in four shades and in my opinion light beige is a great shade for really light girls, rose beige is a good medium color with pink undertone, sand beige is my color and warm beige is FAR to orange. So let me tell you about this liquid coverage foundation.

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