Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip in Mars – Perfectly bright for summer

Is Mars giving me life?

I am not going to rant about the import duties I had to pay for this product because that was so sad. But because I can not stay and mope around, I have see the bright side and that is that I have stunning lip products from colourpop. And colourpop is one of my favorite brands, insane quality with perfect shades. I do know that a lot of people adore nude shades but I want to show you all what I am wearing this summer. Mars is amazing for the moment the sun peeks out. This color is called on their site as a fuchsia shade. And to quote Colourpop: Whether you’re from Mars or Venus this fuchsia will be fab on you.

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Pink Nike FLEX 2016 RUN

 Nike Pink Sneakers NikeFit Fitgirl Fitspo

Also pictured: Firmoo glasses, Quaker Oasts, Body & Fitshop drink bottle

Pink blast-white-black-electric green

Hello my lovely readers!  Today for everybody who likes to run, walk or just sit with pretty sneakers on.  I got new sneakers! Not because I need shoes because I already own over a 100 pair of shoes but I got them because I tought they are stunning. Also they where on sale so I decided to treat myself. I wanted to own a pair of Barbie pink sneakers so I can wear it with black skinny jeans, a black top and a leather jacket. I mean these shoes pop! I have some bright pink lipsticks to match it but I kind of want Mac Candy YumYum to match these Nike shoes. But let me explain a few things about these shoes…

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Innocent Smoothie Plus

Innocent Smoothie Plus healthy fitspo fitsporation drink antioxidant wheatgrass flaxseed

Starwars shirt – Primark
Lashes – Red Cherry
Lipstick – Lime Crime Beet-It
Eyeshadow – Boozyshop – Eyes like an angel

Innocent smoothie plus

Green smoothies are perfect little green monsters to add to a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes you do not have time to make your own smoothie or you need inspiration and then I personally like to buy a smoothie at the supermarket. I never go to fancy places to get smoothies, that is also not a thing where I live. So I walked into the AH and grabbed myself an Innocent smoothie. I really like their package and the color green looked good. Also it is a super smoothie meaning it contains super foods. Wanna hear what I think? Keep on reading.

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Trend it up – Natural Radiant Highlighter


010 highlighter

Trend it up have two new highlighters and two new bronzers. I have enough bronzers and I decided to get a natural highlighter. I have really shiny highlighters and those give me shimmer for days but I wanted a more everyday highlighter. There are two kinds 010 and 020. The first is a silver/pearl tone one and 020 is more gold. Because I have a light skin tone I decided to grab 010. It is from the brand Trend it up, sold at DM. [German drugstore.] It is a budget highlighter and if you click read more you can see swatches.

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Suicide Squad [Movie Review]

Suicide Squad Suicidesquad Review Movie Moviereview Nerd Geek Nerdygirl Funkopop Funko 3D atmos Harley Quinn

Suicide Squad

Hello Puddin’, today I am going to talk about the new Suicide Squad movie. I went to see it in XD Atos 3D, meaning great sound and great image. This movie is based on the DC Comic, the government gives a team of supervillains a chance at redemption. The catch: their mission will probably kill them all. It feels good to be bad…Assemble a team of the world’s most dangerous, incarcerated Super Villains, provide them with the most powerful arsenal at the government’s disposal, and send them off on a mission to defeat an enigmatic, insuperable entity. U.S. intelligence officer Amanda Waller has determined only a secretly convened group of disparate, despicable individuals with next to nothing to lose will do. However, once they realize they weren’t picked to succeed but chosen for their patent culpability when they inevitably fail, will the Suicide Squad resolve to die trying, or decide it’s every man for himself?

Do you want to know what I think? Turn up this lovely song from Queen. And start reading!

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eBay #1

ebay blogpost ebayhaul lipstick sweater feather holographic haul

eBay #1

I love eBay for cute and unique finds and to be honest I buy to much on eBay. Starting from today I will be posting a new eBay post every Monday.  I have to be honest and say that I do not have a fancy name for this segment on my blog. I am just going to name them from #1 till the moment that it ends.  So this first eBay blogpost has three items that are currently high on my wishlist, I think that these are really nice for the current season. These eBay items are something that I would toss in my basket and buy if I had the money. The lipsticks have to be my favorite.

I picked a sweater from eBay, a lovely print that goes round the neckline and something that would be perfect for a casual day. I personally adore the black version but it does come in different colors. Also I wanted to show the L.A girl matte lipglosses that can be bought on eBay for a really decent price. I really adore the brown and purple shades. On google you can find a lot of swatches and raving reviews. Also if you leave a comment with the shade you want to see a review with swatches from tell me, I might buy a few to review here. And last but not least a fun little bag that has a holographic design, and I just adore some holo. It looks special yet still fancy, meaning it is perfect for an all black outfit or a party.

Feather sweater – it comes in black, white and blue – $6.99
L.A. GIRL MATTE LIP GLOSS – 18 colors – $5.34
Holographic bag – $25.99

Lots of love,

Cat Vlog #1


Once in a while I want to make a cute video without it being a vlog or a video with a meaning.  So today I present you a short video that I shot, featuring my cat/kitten. People watch vlogs about people so why not about a cat? I decided to make a cute little video that you can watch if you click more. Also tell me in the comments if you want more of these video’s.

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