Art Crush: Rob Shields

Rob Shields Art gamergirl Girl Gamer

Rob Shields

Sometimes you find an artist and you have an instant crush on their style. The moment you find them you think, if I was rich I would pay them to make art for my house. Some people have a style that is so brilliant and I can not not praise Rob Shields because he is amazing. He is an Animator,Comic Artist,Game Developer. I came across Rob Shields when searching instagram and the #Gamergirl. I came across the piece called Gamer Girl, a tribute to retro games and the girls that love them. And after a big google session I found a lot more from Rob Shields. So keep on reading….

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Pretty Little Liars, before the final episode airs, who is A?

Pretty Little Liars, before the final episode airs death do us part

Pretty little liars final episode

Seven full years I have been watching Pretty Little Liars. I started in 2010 and currently in 2017 I am going to finish it. I watched every episode and I read all the books in a record time. I am a fan. Or should I say, I was a fan. I kept watching even when the quality dropped, plotholes became normal and everything got stretched with filler episodes. I was bored yet I want to see how it finishes. It will finish, only one episode is remaining. ‘Til Death Do Us Part, is the name of the last episode and it can be everything I wanted or it can make me toss a high heel at my computer screen. Will this episode cost me a lot of money because I will rage after it? We shall see. But as pre-party for the episode airs you guys can read what I expect and what I would hate.  If you make it trough this article about the Pretty Little Liars expectations leave me a comment with what you expect. Also if you are a blogger, leave me a link so I can check you out.

[PS: Yes I cropped Emily out of the picture and added myself, sue me]

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Catlady, Girlgamer, Dumb blonde big boobs

Lets stick a label on it

I hate people who label, I hate fitting in a box and I hate the fact that we are expected to be a certain way. Movies tell us that their has to be a preppy cheerleader with the large boobs, the makeup girl, the sporty girl who does not wear makeup, the geek with the glasses, the gamer who drinks beer and only games. All of them are bullshit. Because nobody is a stereotype and we do not fit into one box with one label. Just because I decide to dye my hair blonde does not mean I am a brainless bimbo, my cosplay and love for all nerdy does not only make me a nerd. Also true story, when you dress up as your favorite character and show it on instagram you get a lot of dickpics. [but that is a different story to tell]. Today lets talk stereotypes.

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Favorite Technology and Gadget of May 2017

Technology tech may favorite

Technology and Gadgets

I love technology and I feel like I have not really shared that on my blog because I felt like I needed to fit in with the typical girly make-up blogs but you know…that is not me. I adore technology and I am a big geek/nerd. So why not share my love on this blog. Today I am going to share my favorite Tech and Gadgets of May.  These are things that I used a lot and that are my all time favorites. Perhaps I am going to make this a running series. Because soon I will be hauling a few more technologie items.

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Instagram perfection, Picture this


We don’t all need to be Instagram Perfect

Today I clicked on an Instagram account, stunning girl. 50K followers, people screaming her name in the comments, perfect selfies. A fitgirl in perfect body-hugging nike pro shorts. Makeup skills that are beauty blogger worthy, perfect brows and long lashes.  I bet a name popped into your mind when I mentioned the girl, actually the girl could be any girl. Many girls inspire to be her, perfect with a load of followers. The Instagram Queen, or as they say nowadays Instagram Baddie. A girl who is perfect in the eyes of others and fulfills all the boxes.

But what is perfection? Is it those perfect brows, perfect body, perfect amount of followers…
You can train so hard to be perfect, eat every meal you need.
You can layer on make-up, draw in every other aspect people want you to be.
You can also buy a load of Instagram followers.
You can also hold your face in a perfect way to look ever beter.
You can use an app to make yourself more skinny, curvy, blurred…

Maybe perfection is not into a picture? Maybe it is not to be captured in a simple image on Instagram but just something that is in everybody.
I personally think that if you inspire to be Instagram perfect, you might never be happy. Because who cares about looking perfect in a picture when you can be smiling, when you can laugh, when you can look silly. Who cares if you are a size 0 or a size 22 or whatever number there is sewn into your shirt.

Often we forget that instagram is not real life. When I move I have a massive under chin, when I pose in pictures I hide it.  I am not the only person who takes tons of pictures and then picks one out of the bunch to share on social media. We all want to present in a perfect way. But sometimes those non perfect moments can be so beautiful.

♥ Denna

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10 Things during Lady Gaga’s halftime show

And I loved every second of it

  1. Don’t cry, even when you love it
  2. So many drones, I want that at my wedding. Or as engagement announcement.
  3. I am pretty sure I can use these moves to get in shape.
  4. Who choreographed the audience? [Especially at 11.00]
  5. I need a pair of glitter shorts, where can I buy those?
  6. I need to learn
  7. How did Gaga remove those glitters from her eyes?
  8. In the cape segment, did anybody see the dancer falling?
  9. She is the reason why I am blonde, should I make that outfit and cosplay it?
  10. Somebody deserves an award for fastest mike drop

What did you all think off the show?

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