Assassins Creed Syndicate Rooks Edition – Unboxing

Assassins Creed Syndicate Rooks Edition - Unboxing
Also included in the picture, my PS4 controller with CatPaws. You can get the paws at this link

Assassins Creed Syndicate

Be thankful that I am not a vlogger because my vlogs would be me screaming at the tv and being super excited because I own Assassins Creed Syndicate. And not just the simple version, I have the limited edition Rooks version for the Playstation 4. A game that has been out for a while so most of you can get it for a discount price.
With this article I want to show you guys the ‘unboxing’ of the Limited edition. I am also currently playing the game but I will be giving you all a different article for that because I do not want to make a huge ass article. Because I want to give you guys a good opinion of Assassins Creed Syndicate so I need to spend more hours playing that game. The limited edition and what is included in the Assassins Creed Syndicate Rooks Edition box can be found if you click read more.

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Catlady, Girlgamer, Dumb blonde big boobs

Lets stick a label on it

I hate people who label, I hate fitting in a box and I hate the fact that we are expected to be a certain way. Movies tell us that their has to be a preppy cheerleader with the large boobs, the makeup girl, the sporty girl who does not wear makeup, the geek with the glasses, the gamer who drinks beer and only games. All of them are bullshit. Because nobody is a stereotype and we do not fit into one box with one label. Just because I decide to dye my hair blonde does not mean I am a brainless bimbo, my cosplay and love for all nerdy does not only make me a nerd. Also true story, when you dress up as your favorite character and show it on instagram you get a lot of dickpics. [but that is a different story to tell]. Today lets talk stereotypes.

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[Wonder Woman] DC Comics Bombshells Blind Tin Vinyl Figures

Wonder Woman DC Comics Bombshells Blind Tin Vinyl Figures

Limited edition Bombshell Wonder Woman

Recently I got a zbox from Zavvi, this is a limited edition surprise box. But because I got this box super late I am going to give you some reviews for the things that you can still get. Starting with the 7cm DC Comics Bombshells Vinyl Figure featuring Wonder Woman.  As I said before I got a limited edition so I am not sure this version will also be sold, I guess not. But the only difference between this one and the other wonder woman is the color of the headscarf is different. Mine is blue and the ones in the tin are yellow. There are 10 to collect and I decided to grab the tin and list the ones you can get below.

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Loreal Colorista – Hot Pink & Light Blue

Colorista Loreal Hair Pink Blue Harley Quinn HarleyQuinn

Also wearing: Take what you need necklace  , Harley quinn face tattoo, Squad shirt , Jacket


Hey puddin’ today I got a review for the colorista sprays. Adding a pop of color in your hair is not something new, but at times you want to try it out and for those days the colorista sprays are perfect. You spray in the color and then you wash it out whenever you want.  It is a easy process and you only leave a trace when spraying it in, and to be honest the towels that I messed up washed out so no damage done!  There is a whole world of posible hair with the sprays, I mean it is made easy to be an mermaid now. I mean I want every color for the summer so I can use them on my vacation. It would be loads of fun. Also I am getting more blue and pink for my Harley Quinn hair.  Let me give you a rundown of this product because I am sure you would love to hear more.

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Couple T-Shirts – Valentines day has passed?

Couple shirts Large nerdy nerd playstation assassin creed assassincreed fashion tops valentine

Nothing to cute allowed

I always wear black, it is my signature color. But recently I have been leaning towards white and grey. [Nothing to do with  shades of grey guys, not my kind of movie] So I decided to make a cute little couple shirt post. Great for valentine or you know every other day of the week when you are hanging with your boy- or girlfriend. Or if you are single, you can wear these things for yourself. I mean it is cute and not only for couples. So I decided to check out, one of my favorite sites. I am planning to do some hauls the moment I have funds. I would love to review and own some things from Large. They are international and have different sites for different countries and are often called EMP. No idea what does letters stand for.

But back to the shirts. I kind of dislike couple shirts that are pink, red and girly. Or have arrows telling people that you are with Bae. So I decided to pick two themes that I adore myself, but if you are into red and pink and girly…that is also okay.  I decided to check out Large their Playstation categorie, one of my favorite consoles. They do have a few nice things like hats and sweatpants. But I was going for shirts, tops and jackets. Anything upper body.  So in the end I decided to show you The Play In Ours, Shirt with long sleeves. It is marked down from €24.99 for €17.99. I am really debating on getting this Playstation shirt for myself. Mainly because it has an boat neck with long sleeve. I personally do not want anything to high up my neck and I mostly wear t-shirts, sometimes that is to cold. Next to the Play in Ours shirt is The Classic Playstation College Jacket, kind of preppy but still very casual. It features embroidery details and I would personally wear this jacket. It can be unisex. Or you should get it for your man and steal it.

I recently saw Assassin Creed and it was one of the most amazing movies that I saw, how they designed everything was stunning. So I recently became kind of a fan of the franchise and I am kind of wanting to play the games. So I will not be buying these shirts for myself yet but I did want to show it. Again both from these couple shirts. Both from the game [and now also movie] Assassin Creed. The Work In The Dark t-shirt, it features three knives on a white shirt. Again a boat neck, because I like that shape for a t-shirt. Normally I would not go for white but with this design I really like it. How amazing would this be paired with black ripped jeans and long grey boots. For the male I picked The Group T-shirt featuring three assassins [see what I did, three knives, three assassins]. Very basic shirt that could be a normal print but fans would recognize it.

What do you think about these tops, leave me a comment with your opinion. You can click the read more button to go to the comment section.

♥ Denna

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Killer Frost inspired navy lips

killer frost killerfrost Navy Lipstick blue lips comic DC Marvel Killerfrost Theflash The Flash


Give me some navy blue lipstick

Killer Frost is a villain from the DC universe she has more then one incarnation, she is mainly the adversary from Firestorm. She has three incarnations: Crystal frost, Louise Lincoln and Caitlin Snow. The last one you might from tv series if you are a fan of Agents of Shield, Arrow or The Flash. Because she has different incarnations and is part of different series she does have different looks. But one thing she does have in many images is navy lips. Above you can see different versions of Killer Frost, my favorite versions. I really adore her with with long hair and the Caitlin Snow version in the tv-series is STUNNING. So today I want to show you options of lipsticks to get if you want to make a navy lip like Killer Frost but I also want to show you my take on her look.  [O how I miss my blonde hair]

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Harley Quinn budget cosplay outfit

Harley Quinn cosplay suicide squad outfit carnaval halloween makeup

Hello Puddin’

Recent gooide ik heel mooi mijn Harley Quinn cosplay op Instagram. Ik werd heel snel Insta-famous met dik 43 likes, wat natuurlijk niet zoveel voorstelt. Maar ik kreeg wel een aantal lieve comments en dus kwam ik tot de conclusie dat ik hier een leuk artikel over ging schrijven. Natuurlijk niet een zelf-geilend artikel over hoe leuk ik uitzie met twee kleuren oogschaduw. Maar hoe jij ook deze cosplay kan doen op een budget want daar kreeg ik enorm veel vragen over. Dus vandaag een artikel met alle dingen die ik heb gebruikt [waaronder de netpanty and booty shorts die niet op de foto staan, ik bespaar jullie nog even mijn billen.]  Ik also Limburger ben mij al aan het voorbereiden op heel veel Harley Quinn’s, dan zal ik deze outfit ook niet rocken maar wat anders. Maar voor Halloween kunnen jullie mij door de straten zien huppelen als Suicide Squad’s eigen Harley Quinn. Gezien Harleen Quinzel toch wel 1 van mijn favoriete karakters is.  Dus ja, lees even verder!

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