Happy Birthday to Me!

Those pink things are my arms #Fitgirl #Skinnyarms

Guess my age!

Just kidding I am going to tell you all my age. My age has been a running joke the last few years because I look underage. I get asked for my ID when I buy booze and when I tell my age people think I am kidding. In the past I had to show my ID to people so prove my age. Now as a proud 28 year old blogger, I am going to party my ass of and go shopping. If you want to follow my birthdayadventures you can check out https://www.instagram.com/dennamichelle/ I will be instasnapping my gifts. And articles will follow.

♥ Denna

New lay-out who is this…

New Layout

Hey loves, in an attempt to get this blog in full bloom again I decided to get a new lay-out. I designed the background [grey with dots] myself because I wanted something cute yet minimal. And that is also the new road I am taking with this blog. I love pictures that speak and are full of items and colours. I mean look at my above picture, I even have a picture frame on the floor. But yeah, new exciting things coming this year and I say year because it will almost be a new year for me because it will be my birthday the 6th! Now I am planning to do a give away, and I would live to hear what you want to win, also if you have tips for this layout leave them.

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Catlady, Girlgamer, Dumb blonde big boobs

Lets stick a label on it

I hate people who label, I hate fitting in a box and I hate the fact that we are expected to be a certain way. Movies tell us that their has to be a preppy cheerleader with the large boobs, the makeup girl, the sporty girl who does not wear makeup, the geek with the glasses, the gamer who drinks beer and only games. All of them are bullshit. Because nobody is a stereotype and we do not fit into one box with one label. Just because I decide to dye my hair blonde does not mean I am a brainless bimbo, my cosplay and love for all nerdy does not only make me a nerd. Also true story, when you dress up as your favorite character and show it on instagram you get a lot of dickpics. [but that is a different story to tell]. Today lets talk stereotypes.

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My goals for the month of June

Hello June

Super late with this article, super late with articles! But great news, I graduated so I currently have time to blog! I already made some changes in my style, I tested some new pictures on instagram and you can check them @DennaMichelle. So the new style is also going towards my blog, brighter and lighter and more me. And that is what I kept struggling with, how to make this blog more me. I am not a make-up only girl or just a gamer. But I did find myself more and that is going to be pushed into my blog.  So today I want to share my goals for June. Also I would love it if you guys shared your goals for June and left a comment.

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April Wishlist

Reebok NYX Silver moon letter Necklace Mi Moneda


To keep myself more minimalistic and to have my wallet and bankaccount in a happier place, I decided to make a wishlist with items that I would like for the month of April. Not randomly spending money but thinking about what I would like for the month.  The items can be interchangeable for different brands and colors but they give a general overview for what items I am strolling this month. First off, I have been looking for some new eye shadow palettes. I love the purple and dark green tones and I have none of those at the moment. Also I am debating if I need a palette with neon colors. Pictures I have two off the perfect filter eye shadows from NYX. The next item is colored eyeliner, I pictured the vivid bright collection also from NYX.  I love the light pink, the purple and the red. Also I would adore a white eyeliner so I can be a lot more creative then what I am now at the moment. Then we have a silver necklace with tiny balls on it, I feel it is really classy. I picked a necklace from Mi Moneda and I personally feel no other will be that cute as this necklace. It can be worn on its own or with a little charm on it. Next up two bracelets, I always wear three pandora essence bracelets but I would love a stack of silver bracelets. I also have adored moons and initial jewelry. And lastly on my wishlist is a water bottle, and I really like the design of the Reebok bottles, I mean I adore Nike but Reebok has bottles with a strap.

What is on your wishlist? ♥ Denna

Happy new year! ♥


Happy New year!

I have been a horrible blogger, but I do want to blog more in the new year. With new content and the things that I find interesting enough to share. Because I do love being creative and taking pictures. My own opinion is worth to be heard. Because in 2017 I held my tongue for to long.

My life has been a rollercoaster in 2016 and I do feel like I have found my footing and my life is the way I want it to be at the moment. Many good things are coming and I have found the people who are there for me no matter what. I grew in many ways, developing my own style and losing 15 kilos in a year. Also my familie went from 2 cats to 4 and it was a great choice. My confidence went from crushes to a bit better and for 2017 I want to gain my normal confidence back. Meeting new people but also loving the ones in my life at the moment.

Above a little vain collage of my instagram pictures from my personal instagram. These pictures got the most likes of 2016 and the picture next to it is my own favorite picture. It is me in my favorite boots and Christmas dress. I think it landmarks the moment that my mirror did not show a monster but just me.

I want to keep improving myself in many ways.
♥ Denna


Ps: New layout! ♥

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