Shopped: For the Kittens!

So today I am going to show a little preview of what I ordered online. While browsing online I found this site Here and fell in love with all the designs. Originally this monster is prices at 179 euro and that is considered normal. While I admit I adore my kitties I am not really fond of paying that much. But damn! I got this babe at the discount for only 90 euro. Some of my friends mentioned that that is a lot of money but who doesn’t have a bed or sofa for that same price? 
So the moment I got this in the mail [free shipping FTW] I will show of how it looks in real life.

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Decenarios [Pastel] Bracelets

Actually only the pink,blue and purple are pastel. I bought these for a euro at a Dutch store called Action. These bracelets are called Decenarios and all have 10 knots and a little cross at the end. They are said to be lucky and all have different meaning. I personally just think they are cute for layering an arm party and are really suited for summer.

Love or hate?
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