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    Nintendo Live – round-up of the live-stream – My favorites


    Recently Nintendo had a livestream telling us about all the new things coming towards 3DS/2DS and the Nintendo Switch. A while ago I got the Nintendo Switch, or should I say my sister got the Switch and I am stealing it from time to time. Because I got this console I decided to watch the live-stream so I can get some new games, pre-order the stuff I really want and just be up to date. But to be honest there where only a few things that amused me and so today I am going to round-up this live-stream.  Let me tell you my opinion about everything that I find interesting and is worth pre-ordering or looking into. Also this is an image heavy article. Mostly DS games and one Switch game, because the switch line-up was not my cup of tea.

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    Thick Green Sweet Smoothie that is healthy and yum

    Green Sweet Smoothie

    Smoothies can be hard to make in the sense of getting the flavor right. So recently I decided to make something that is sweet yet healthy. A lot of people hate smoothies because they seem bitter or taste too green.  So I mixed something together that is really sweet, it has a nice coconut flavor but still makes sure you get in your protein and greens. It might look a bit green but I always prefer to add some veggies to my sweet smoothies. And I added spinach, that rich is in vitamines and minerals and is good for a load of things. I think that spinach is my favorite thing to add because it does not ruin the flavor and it is so damn healthy. Also this recipe features coconut and this fruit is good for skin, hair and losing weight. I always make a large bottle of this and sip all trough the day, it keeps you full without feeling like a damn weightloss shake.

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    Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip in Mars – Perfectly bright for summer

    Is Mars giving me life?

    I am not going to rant about the import duties I had to pay for this product because that was so sad. But because I can not stay and mope around, I have see the bright side and that is that I have stunning lip products from colourpop. And colourpop is one of my favorite brands, insane quality with perfect shades. I do know that a lot of people adore nude shades but I want to show you all what I am wearing this summer. Mars is amazing for the moment the sun peeks out. This color is called on their site as a fuchsia shade. And to quote Colourpop: Whether you’re from Mars or Venus this fuchsia will be fab on you.

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    Aliexpress light pink pastel haul for summer, Millennial Pink

    Pink Pastel Haul

    At times I just want to step out of my zone and order clothing and other jazzy stuff in an other colour then black. And I picked pastel pink. Or  Millennial Pink because that is currently really trendy with the people younger then me, because we all know that I am older then I look. Also because I have an Aliexpress obsession I ordered everything from their site. Aliexpress is super cheap, so this is a budget haul. These lovely things are all pink but most of these items are also in other colours, like black. For the links and everything click read more. Also if you want everything this will cost you only $16,61

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    Art Crush: Rob Shields


    Rob Shields

    Sometimes you find an artist and you have an instant crush on their style. The moment you find them you think, if I was rich I would pay them to make art for my house. Some people have a style that is so brilliant and I can not not praise Rob Shields because he is amazing. He is an Animator,Comic Artist,Game Developer. I came across Rob Shields when searching instagram and the #Gamergirl. I came across the piece called Gamer Girl, a tribute to retro games and the girls that love them. And after a big google session I found a lot more from Rob Shields. So keep on reading….

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    Assassins Creed Syndicate Rooks Edition – Unboxing

    Assassins Creed Syndicate

    Be thankful that I am not a vlogger because my vlogs would be me screaming at the tv and being super excited because I own Assassins Creed Syndicate. And not just the simple version, I have the limited edition Rooks version for the Playstation 4. A game that has been out for a while so most of you can get it for a discount price.
    With this article I want to show you guys the ‘unboxing’ of the Limited edition. I am also currently playing the game but I will be giving you all a different article for that because I do not want to make a huge ass article. Because I want to give you guys a good opinion of Assassins Creed Syndicate so I need to spend more hours playing that game. The limited edition and what is included in the Assassins Creed Syndicate Rooks Edition box can be found if you click read more.

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    Happy Birthday to Me!


    Those pink things are my arms #Fitgirl #Skinnyarms

    Guess my age!

    Just kidding I am going to tell you all my age. My age has been a running joke the last few years because I look underage. I get asked for my ID when I buy booze and when I tell my age people think I am kidding. In the past I had to show my ID to people so prove my age. Now as a proud 28 year old blogger, I am going to party my ass of and go shopping. If you want to follow my birthdayadventures you can check out I will be instasnapping my gifts. And articles will follow.

    ♥ Denna