[Wonder Woman] DC Comics Bombshells Blind Tin Vinyl Figures

    Wonder Woman DC Comics Bombshells Blind Tin Vinyl Figures

    Limited edition Bombshell Wonder Woman

    Recently I got a zbox from Zavvi, this is a limited edition surprise box. But because I got this box super late I am going to give you some reviews for the things that you can still get. Starting with the 7cm DC Comics Bombshells Vinyl Figure featuring Wonder Woman.  As I said before I got a limited edition so I am not sure this version will also be sold, I guess not. But the only difference between this one and the other wonder woman is the color of the headscarf is different. Mine is blue and the ones in the tin are yellow. There are 10 to collect and I decided to grab the tin and list the ones you can get below.

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    April Wishlist

    Reebok NYX Silver moon letter Necklace Mi Moneda


    To keep myself more minimalistic and to have my wallet and bankaccount in a happier place, I decided to make a wishlist with items that I would like for the month of April. Not randomly spending money but thinking about what I would like for the month.  The items can be interchangeable for different brands and colors but they give a general overview for what items I am strolling this month. First off, I have been looking for some new eye shadow palettes. I love the purple and dark green tones and I have none of those at the moment. Also I am debating if I need a palette with neon colors. Pictures I have two off the perfect filter eye shadows from NYX. The next item is colored eyeliner, I pictured the vivid bright collection also from NYX.  I love the light pink, the purple and the red. Also I would adore a white eyeliner so I can be a lot more creative then what I am now at the moment. Then we have a silver necklace with tiny balls on it, I feel it is really classy. I picked a necklace from Mi Moneda and I personally feel no other will be that cute as this necklace. It can be worn on its own or with a little charm on it. Next up two bracelets, I always wear three pandora essence bracelets but I would love a stack of silver bracelets. I also have adored moons and initial jewelry. And lastly on my wishlist is a water bottle, and I really like the design of the Reebok bottles, I mean I adore Nike but Reebok has bottles with a strap.

    What is on your wishlist? ♥ Denna


    Instagram perfection, Picture this


    We don’t all need to be Instagram Perfect

    Today I clicked on an Instagram account, stunning girl. 50K followers, people screaming her name in the comments, perfect selfies. A fitgirl in perfect body-hugging nike pro shorts. Makeup skills that are beauty blogger worthy, perfect brows and long lashes.  I bet a name popped into your mind when I mentioned the girl, actually the girl could be any girl. Many girls inspire to be her, perfect with a load of followers. The Instagram Queen, or as they say nowadays Instagram Baddie. A girl who is perfect in the eyes of others and fulfills all the boxes.

    But what is perfection? Is it those perfect brows, perfect body, perfect amount of followers…
    You can train so hard to be perfect, eat every meal you need.
    You can layer on make-up, draw in every other aspect people want you to be.
    You can also buy a load of Instagram followers.
    You can also hold your face in a perfect way to look ever beter.
    You can use an app to make yourself more skinny, curvy, blurred…

    Maybe perfection is not into a picture? Maybe it is not to be captured in a simple image on Instagram but just something that is in everybody.
    I personally think that if you inspire to be Instagram perfect, you might never be happy. Because who cares about looking perfect in a picture when you can be smiling, when you can laugh, when you can look silly. Who cares if you are a size 0 or a size 22 or whatever number there is sewn into your shirt.

    Often we forget that instagram is not real life. When I move I have a massive under chin, when I pose in pictures I hide it.  I am not the only person who takes tons of pictures and then picks one out of the bunch to share on social media. We all want to present in a perfect way. But sometimes those non perfect moments can be so beautiful.

    ♥ Denna

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    Cherry Skies NYX Liquid Suede lipstick

    Cherry Skies red lipstick liquid suede cream lipstick

    Cherry skies

    I am kind of addicted to dark red lipsticks, liquid or in traditional lipstick form. Shiny till velvet till matte, I buy them all.  So when I saw Cherry skies in the German drugstore I needed to buy it, I also did not swatch in store because you can never go wrong with a dark red from NYX. So today I am going to post a little review about NYX Liquid Suede in 03 Cherry skies. So keep on reading for the review, swatches and a rundown where you can get this and other products that I used on my face.

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    What I ordered at Aliexpress [1]

    aliexpress sunglasses cateye cat catsunglasses necklace monogram silver bangle earrings

    Summer fashion haul

    Aliexpress is perfect for things you would love, but not really need. Those things you don’t want to spend a lot of money on but would make you smile.  But those who order a lot on Aliexpress do know how long shipping takes, a really long long long time. So during this month I prefer to buy things for summer, start shopping around for things to take with me on vacation. Now I do not like to take expensive sunglasses and jewelry with me on vacation, so I bought four things that would be perfect for summer.
    The first thing is a pair of cat eye sunglasses, the colorway that I ordered is not pictured here but you can click the link. I got myself the black with purple/pink glasses. I kind off want the gold pair with pink glasses, but first I wanted to see how they fit my face. I mean these are really pretty but I do hope they are also big enough for my large head. Also these are $3.51, free shipping.
    Next up I got a monogram silver necklace, this one wil be handmade with my own initials. aDm. An custom made necklace is normally kind of expensive but Aliexpress makes it cheap. One of the things I love about these cheaper necklaces is that they normally are Tibet silver so they do not leave your neck all green. They look like real silver but are mostly coated with it.
    The bangle on the lower left is kind of special, because it has a function.  You know when you take a hair-tie with you and it leaves a mark on your wrist? This bangle prevents that and makes your elastic look super cute.
    Last up are the v-shape earrings, not to be confused with vagina shaped earrings. Just the letter V, or a triangle but more fancy.  Not sure why I am describing it because you all can see the image. It is a lovely gold color and kind of like a hoop.

    So I ordered this, what do you all want to see featured from this Aliexpress Haul?
    ♥ Denna

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    Loreal Colorista – Hot Pink & Light Blue

    Colorista Loreal Hair Pink Blue Harley Quinn HarleyQuinn

    Also wearing: Take what you need necklace  , Harley quinn face tattoo, Squad shirt , Jacket


    Hey puddin’ today I got a review for the colorista sprays. Adding a pop of color in your hair is not something new, but at times you want to try it out and for those days the colorista sprays are perfect. You spray in the color and then you wash it out whenever you want.  It is a easy process and you only leave a trace when spraying it in, and to be honest the towels that I messed up washed out so no damage done!  There is a whole world of posible hair with the sprays, I mean it is made easy to be an mermaid now. I mean I want every color for the summer so I can use them on my vacation. It would be loads of fun. Also I am getting more blue and pink for my Harley Quinn hair.  Let me give you a rundown of this product because I am sure you would love to hear more.

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    Yellow dress – Oscar Inspiration

    Yellow dress gown asos

    Yellow dress by Zac Posen

    Zac posen is one of my favorite designers, I do really adore his style. But this blogpost is not an ode to Zac. It is an ode to the yellow dress he send down the carpet at the 2017 Oscars.  Leslie Mann wore this dress that could be from Belle and the Beast, very princess and a lovely inspiration. I directly decided to go online to check out yellow dresses and I found a load.  So if you are like me and you are planning your spring and summer wardrobe, I got links!

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