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    Pretty Little Liars, before the final episode airs, who is A?

    Pretty little liars final episode

    Seven full years I have been watching Pretty Little Liars. I started in 2010 and currently in 2017 I am going to finish it. I watched every episode and I read all the books in a record time. I am a fan. Or should I say, I was a fan. I kept watching even when the quality dropped, plotholes became normal and everything got stretched with filler episodes. I was bored yet I want to see how it finishes. It will finish, only one episode is remaining. ‘Til Death Do Us Part, is the name of the last episode and it can be everything I wanted or it can make me toss a high heel at my computer screen. Will this episode cost me a lot of money because I will rage after it? We shall see. But as pre-party for the episode airs you guys can read what I expect and what I would hate.  If you make it trough this article about the Pretty Little Liars expectations leave me a comment with what you expect. Also if you are a blogger, leave me a link so I can check you out.

    [PS: Yes I cropped Emily out of the picture and added myself, sue me]

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