HD liquid coverage foundation Catrice 030 Sand Beige

HD liquid coverage foundation

HD liquid coverage foundation, last up to 24 hours , mattifying, second skin effect AND it comes with a dropper like applicator. This foundation sounds and looks amazing. It has a matte glass bottle, something I feel always sells a product for me. This is said to be full coverage and I think it makes a large with saying that it stays on for 24 hours. I got the shade Sand Beige and to be honest I just grabbed one after a quick swatch session.  It comes in four shades and in my opinion light beige is a great shade for really light girls, rose beige is a good medium color with pink undertone, sand beige is my color and warm beige is FAR to orange. So let me tell you about this liquid coverage foundation.

I am a Sand Beige

Applying this foundation was heaven. I used a [fake] wet beautyblender and first I used the dropper and added a royal amount on the blender.  So not needed, one small drop is enough for a half face. This product is really spare in use and I like that. When first applying this I was shocked about the mask effect that it gave, but when I began really blending it in and it dried matte it looked like I was not wearing make-up…just a flawless face. When testing this out I was just back from vacation, I had a sunburn that made my face have different colors. And this foundation evened it all out. It gives a nice complexion while mattifying your face. While wearing this foundation I do not feel the need to powder this down, it looks amazing without powder. Also I tested this out in warm weather and it did not sweat off and it did not make my face shiny. Me personally, I am a big fan of matte products. Personally I do not like dewy products so this product really scores high with me because it makes my face look great without a shine.

During the day the liquid coverage foundation stays firm on my face. Not sure if it stays on 24 hours as it claims because I do not want to keep my foundation for 24 hours. When I took this off my skin felt good, no redness and no irritation. Also when going over my face the product does not come off directly. But you know I have a cold and it does come off if you blow your nose 50 times in a hour. But for normal people I am pretty sure this stays on for a full day.

This lovely HD liquid coverage foundation, that has a really long name to type when you are writing a review. But what I wanted to tell you guys. This product is €6.99 and for that price you get a liquid foundation that is spare in use. It does not turn orange during the day [I swear the warm beige is orange. But my shade is not] and it stays in place. It is budget and good. If you need a new foundation and you want something cheap…check this out!

♥ Denna

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