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Trend it up – Natural Radiant Highlighter

010 highlighter

Trend it up have two new highlighters and two new bronzers. I have enough bronzers and I decided to get a natural highlighter. I have really shiny highlighters and those give me shimmer for days but I wanted a more everyday highlighter. There are two kinds 010 and 020. The first is a silver/pearl tone one and 020 is more gold. Because I have a light skin tone I decided to grab 010. It is from the brand Trend it up, sold at DM. [German drugstore.] It is a budget highlighter and if you click read more you can see swatches.



Natural Radiant Highlighter

I bought this highlighter for €3.95 and it has 9 gram of product. The product is in a large plastic package, clear top with black and a lovely font. It does not have a scent and I really stuck my nose into the product to check it. Because everybody sniffs their highlighters, am I right? But what is important is the quality. Highlighters can be tricky because I feel like everybody is currently into the really big glow. But when I do my eyes in a really bright way I want to my highlighter to tone down. I do not want it to steal the shine. Get it shine…#LamesjokesbyDenna.

The color is really nice, it is a silver shine that really blends out to a natural glow. When looking at the swatch picture you can see a one finger swatch swipe at right and the blended version left. As you can see it is ‘nothing special’. It is not a rainbow or special shade. Just a simple shine. And that is the strengt of this product. You just need a little bit for a subtle shine.



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