NYX Snow White, Extra creamy lipstick


NYX Snow White, Blanche Neige

Snow white is not one of my favorite Disney princesses, I am really story for that. But I do adore the NYX Snow White lipstick. I always gravitate towards red shades because I think they look really classy. And there are so many red shades, from high end till cheaper products. Today I got a lipstick in the cheaper segment, 569 from NYX. It is from their round lipstick collection and is advertised as extra creamy. It is said to give a bright tint that stays on all day. Keep on reading for more information on this lipstick and to see how I used all the make-up on the picture to create a look.

I buy my NYX in Germany, this because I can swatch it and it is slightly cheaper in Germany.  I would get it at DM here for €3.85. But if you are not hating online shopping you can check Douglas that is selling this snow white NYX lipstick for €4.15. ASOS also sells NYX here, but it does not sell this lipstick.  But you can always get the NYX lipstick at the site from NYX here.  At the official site this lipstick costs $4.00.

The round lipsticks are the cheapest lipsticks that NYX offers and they are creamy, shiny and very pigmented. One of the things that I hate about this lipstick is the fact that it shifts all over when you eat or drink. This is not long staying or something you should wear on a date. I mean it is a nice pretty and budget, the color is amazing. But it I would not wear this on long days, this is really something for nice short events and pictures. At the moment I have 6 or so from the round lipstick collection and it does look really pretty. But it does not have enough staying power for a full day of school or to wear when you for a fancy dinner. One of the plus points the creamy texture has is that it looks amazing in pictures and does not dry out your lips.


NYX Snow White is a color that will suit so many people, it is a not a bright red but slightly more darker. It looks unique yet wearable. If you want to experiment with red I would advice you try out snow white. I decided to make a look that is far out of my zone, using orange and gold with extreme lashes. Not something that I would wear on the daily but suited for pictures.

So a quick rundown on what I am wearing. My foundation is Catrice HD Liquid foundation and you can read a review here.  My eye shadow base is essence I love color.  My lashes are Eylure 145, you can get them here at the official eylure site. If you want something similar from other sites 126 from ASOS comes close and 149 from Douglas is also a good match. The eyeshadow that I used is the sleek sunset palette.  Wearing on my wrist are the Pandora Essence bracelets and the Fitbit Blaze.

So would you wear this lipstick?
♥ Denna

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