Aliexpress light pink pastel haul for summer, Millennial Pink

Pink Pastel Haul

At times I just want to step out of my zone and order clothing and other jazzy stuff in an other colour then black. And I picked pastel pink. Or  Millennial Pink because that is currently really trendy with the people younger then me, because we all know that I am older then I look. Also because I have an Aliexpress obsession I ordered everything from their site. Aliexpress is super cheap, so this is a budget haul. These lovely things are all pink but most of these items are also in other colours, like black. For the links and everything click read more. Also if you want everything this will cost you only $16,61

The rundown

Nailpolish – Shell Pearl Nail Polish –  12 colours – $1.29 with free shipping
I always buy my nail polish on Aliexpress, dirty cheap and to be honest I have fases with nail polish colors. So I tend to buy them cheap on Aliexpress because I like to switch it up. I already received this one and it a really lovely effect, kind of opal or like the inside of a sea-shell. And of coarse in pink pastel.

Floral Headband – Silk Floral Printed Headband –  6 Colours – $0.91 with free shipping
The floral headband I bought to wear when I have my hair in a bun, especially since it has been so hot outside this summer. And to be honest I am going to use it lowkey as a sweatband, because I don’t want gross sweaty summer hair. Perhaps I should order more of these headbands.

Moon Baseball Cap – Pink/Black/White Moon cap – $2.80 with free shipping
I got myself a pink baseball cap, no idea why. Mostly because all my caps are black and I needed some colour. I am debating on dyeing my hair and the pink pastel would look great with the colour I have in mind. But yeah a cute cap with a moon, I like the really cute pink pastel colour.

Peplum Tankini – 3 Colours/prints – 4 Sizes – Runs big – $11.61 with free shipping
I personally never wear a bikini, I need coverage and normally I can not find cute bathing suits or tankinis where I live. On a facebookgroup I heard that this thing runs big, so fingers crossed that it does and I can rock this all summer. If this fits me, I am going to buy all three colours. Okay I would buy the black and blue.

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♥ Denna


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