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Rob Shields

Sometimes you find an artist and you have an instant crush on their style. The moment you find them you think, if I was rich I would pay them to make art for my house. Some people have a style that is so brilliant and I can not not praise Rob Shields because he is amazing. He is an Animator,Comic Artist,Game Developer. I came across Rob Shields when searching instagram and the #Gamergirl. I came across the piece called Gamer Girl, a tribute to retro games and the girls that love them. And after a big google session I found a lot more from Rob Shields. So keep on reading….

Neon Wasteland

As I said above Rob Shields is creating his own video game, it is called Neon Wasteland. Neon Wasteland is an animated cyberpunk action game and comic. He is currently getting funds for this game on his patron, you can check it out here. And if you become a Patron you can play the first level on Neon Wasteland for free while supporting this amazing artist. Also while you support this amazing artist he also supports Unicef and that is really cool. His art is inspired by  inspired by 1980’s Japanese cyberpunk, 80’s & 90’s brain freeze, graffiti, video games,comic books, VR, AR & everyone’s best friend the internet. The finished game will have 8 Game Worlds and 24 Animated Issues of comic, and more impressive he works on it alone.

Favorite pieces

What I adore the most about Rob Shields art is the colors.  My favorite piece being Gamer girl that he uploaded 2 years ago. But to be honest, I think all his work is stunning. Also the uniqueness of the art speaks to me because he mixed great anatomy with an overload of details. In my opinion he mastered the art of lot of details but keeping it visually pleasing, it does not overpower.
Also if you want to follow Rob Shields check him out on:

Dare I say? Rob Shield is my favorite artist at the moment, tell me yours in the comment.
♥ Denna


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