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    Pokémon – Let’s go Pikachu/Eevee! – Nintendo Switch

    Let’s go Pikachu & Let’s go Eevee

    There is a new rpg coming out on Nintendo switch and people are hyped…but are we not always hyped till we take a close look and let it sink in. Recently a trailer came telling us about the new switch version of Pokémon. A game I grew up with and a game a lot of people grew up with. I am going to be honest with you all, I own every Pokémon game up to date but I am slowly losing interested with the franchise. To be not so bias I asked somebody who still adores the franchise if they where getting the game, the answer surprised me.

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    Venom ~ We are #Venom

    Venom, Embrace your inner Anti-Hero

    10.05.18 we get an other anti-hero movie, Venom! Venom is a symbiote created in the Marvel universe. The Symbiotes (originally known as the Klyntar) are a fictional race of amorphous extraterrestrial symbiotes appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The Symbiotes bond with their hosts, creating a symbiotic bond through which a single entity is created. My inner nerd is twerking, so excited I am for this movie. Anti-Heros are my favorite cause they are not so perfect, the story-line is not so overdone cause an anti-hero can fly of the chain. Today I want to talk with you about the trailer but also I want to zoom in on Venom, cause I feel like these movies are more amazing if you know a bit about the character before watching it. A side note, I hate Spiderman but adore Venom. I felt like people did not like suicide squad or understand it because they did not know the back story of many characters. So let’s take a look at Venom.

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    Sugar Bear Hair ~ Facts and day 1 ~ Let my hair grow!

    Sugar Bear Hair

    If you follow online influencers you might have noticed these blue bears that are said to give you amazingly long and full hair. Kardashian girls promote this product and are often seen on their Instagram with a bottle. Honestly I am smart enough to know that these are no wonder gummies because they are just vitamines. You can technically get everything separate and make sure you get the same dose as these Sugar Bear Hair Bear’s contain. But that is rather hard because the doses are so high, it would result in you getting a lot of bottles and taking a lot of pills while sugar bear hair only is two ‘candy-like’ bears a day.

    So today is my day one article about Sugar Bear Hair. I wil run over what my current start hair is, including measurements and pictures. But I will also break down what is inside, alternatives and where to get these. Today is the first article, after testing it for one month I will post an update and after two months I will conclude if I want to continue and if the results are worth it.

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    Lies I tell: Persona 5 ~ and the top 10 lies I tell myself while playing


    Cat paws shown on controller can be bought at Aliexpress or eBay
    Persona can be bought at NedGame, GameMania, eBay and most game stores

    Persona 5

    Persona 5 is a game that I adore for the story line and graphics. Today I have a little spoiler free article about the lies I tell myself while playing persona 5. One of my favorite JRPG from the moment and a game that I have been playing a lot.  If you are interested in what lies I tell myself or perhaps want to share a few of your own, do read more

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    Cheap easy gel manicure for your nails to do at home

    Bracelet is complete Pandora
    Ring is Lott Gioielli
    Brushes are Aliexpress [Only $2.59 for a set]

    Nail polish worn is Focallure 126 currently prices at $1.16

    Stunning Gel manicure

    Looking at nails, my life has always been a struggle of wanting strong long nails and keeping my natural nails. I weekly play at least one match of volleybal and next to that I tend to be really active. Having long nails does not fit that lifestyle, I had coaches yell at me that I needed to cut my nails so short that they would not go over te tips of my finger. But I am stubborn and I always kept longer nails and recently I cracked the code. How to get strong nails that do not break when playing sports and look more expensive then they are. To do this, I got all my supplies of aliexpress to get quick, easy and cheap gel nails. So are you interested in what I use but also the pro’s and con’s, keep on reading.

    Also note: I am not a professional but this works for me.

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    Wishlist March 2018 ~ Mixed items

    Pretty things on my wishlist March 2018

    I love wishlist posts for inspiration and it keeps me from spending money on things I don’t need. When I have a set wishlist I wil turn to that instead of blowing my money on stuff I won’t really want in the long run. I think the above image is me in pictures, I tend to like a lot of different things and if you click read more I will show you all the links to the products. Also I will include a YouTube video to the games and tell you why the jump rope is needed in my life.

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    Notes to March 2018

    I often have the idea that I vanish from this blog the moment my life goes downhill. Perhaps because I only want to share the good things, the fun things and the things that I adore. Giving up is not one of the things that I enjoy doing,so I planned for months to come back to this little space on the internet. Not to get millions of followers and to get famous. But to spread what I adore. I always been insecure about blogging because showing my face and writing was really scary for me. How would I expect that people liked my pictures while I most of the time did not like what I saw in the mirror. That has passed and I began finding my own strong points thanks to some lovely people.

    March is a month that never stands out to me. I often find myself lingering for summer and March, nothing special. But I want to make every day special and for March I am planning to work-out more and in a different way. I am going to drink more smoothies and try to smile more. I want to play my playstation games that I normally ignore and try to take more pictures to share.

    What do you want for March?
    ♥ Denna

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