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Pink Nike FLEX 2016 RUN


Also pictured: Firmoo glasses, Quaker Oasts, Body & Fitshop drink bottle

Pink blast-white-black-electric green

Hello my lovely readers!  Today for everybody who likes to run, walk or just sit with pretty sneakers on.  I got new sneakers! Not because I need shoes because I already own over a 100 pair of shoes but I got them because I tought they are stunning. Also they where on sale so I decided to treat myself. I wanted to own a pair of Barbie pink sneakers so I can wear it with black skinny jeans, a black top and a leather jacket. I mean these shoes pop! I have some bright pink lipsticks to match it but I kind of want Mac Candy YumYum to match these Nike shoes. But let me explain a few things about these shoes…

Nike nike nike!

Lately I have been preferring Nike sneakers for one reason. They are so light! I can run to my bus or walk for ages in the city while shopping. They feel like I am not wearing shoes.  Now I do have to point out that these are athletic shoes made for running, I use them as daily shoes. Some people really hate that and others do not mind. I personally feel like these are more suited for me as daily shoes then training shoes. I play volleybal, did for most of my life. And I know what kind of support I need, especially round my ankle. This Nike shoe does not give me the support I need during sport. But it does give me superpowers when it comes to speed, I run faster trough the crowds kind of like the flash. I do feel like they are good everyday shoes. What I want to point out is that you need to buy these in the correct size when they are a bit tight your toe shoes trough the thin top material and that just looks silly. I would advice getting half a size bigger then what you would normally wear. But you know, these shoes make me so happy. When I look down and I see the bright blast of pink paired with the tiny bit of neon green…I just smile.

I got my nikes at zalando here currently on sale. They are priced down to €59.45 but I am pretty sure you can find an discount code and perhaps get them a bit more cheaper.
What do you think about colored sneakers? A trend that has already passed?
♥ Denna

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