Cheap easy gel manicure for your nails to do at home

Bracelet is complete Pandora
Ring is Lott Gioielli
Brushes are Aliexpress [Only $2.59 for a set]

Nail polish worn is Focallure 126 currently prices at $1.16

Stunning Gel manicure

Looking at nails, my life has always been a struggle of wanting strong long nails and keeping my natural nails. I weekly play at least one match of volleybal and next to that I tend to be really active. Having long nails does not fit that lifestyle, I had coaches yell at me that I needed to cut my nails so short that they would not go over te tips of my finger. But I am stubborn and I always kept longer nails and recently I cracked the code. How to get strong nails that do not break when playing sports and look more expensive then they are. To do this, I got all my supplies of aliexpress to get quick, easy and cheap gel nails. So are you interested in what I use but also the pro’s and con’s, keep on reading.

Also note: I am not a professional but this works for me.

Nail polish worn is Focallure 128 currently prices at $1.09

Pro and Con of having a Gel Manicure

Before I go and rattle about what you need for these DIY at home cheap and easy gel nails, I want to talk pro and con.  I do not want you to get everything for doing this and then not liking it and it feels like a waste of money. I went in without expectations, perhaps a year ago and I will keep using it because it fits my needs.

Sport is the main reason why I use gel polish and stopped using normal nail polish. When using the normal kind, it stays on till the day I play volleybal. A manicure does not stay perfect when playing sports most of the time, yet gel polish stays firmly in place. No chipped nails! And I personally think that is one of the most amazing things cause it looks like a fresh coat of nail polish even when your twee weeks in. For me personally, I keep my manicure on for 2 week before removing and applying a new one. I feel after two weeks they have grown out to much and it is time to renew. But that all depends on how quick your nails grow. I can easy keep them for 3 weeks during vacation.

When wearing gel on your nails, your nails are stronger.  You also might feel the urge to tick them on tables and other surfaces cause the sounds is lovely. My nails are decent lengt and I can block [volleybal] with them without them breaking. But gel nails can damage your nails, I do not have any experience with that cause I use a peel off base coat and let my nails breath between manicures.

The last pro is the money, my way is rather cheap. You can get everything you need for 8 euro and then expend from that. Later on in this article I will be giving you some different options some things can be more expensive but it all depends on what you want and what your budget is. It does not need to break the bank. The colors will be round a euro till four.

Looking at the cons there can be a learning curve. Normally you go to a professional and they are of coarse beter and more trained to set gel nails. Most important using thin layers, this was something I had to learn cause my first few attempts where really ugly and thick.  Also you need a steady hand, same as applying normal polish.  If you want something perfect I would really advice going to a professional.

An other con is that because you are buying online, you might not get the exact colour that you see online. Then again it is only a slight difference in shade. If you are really picky when it comes to shade there is the possibility you get disappointed when ordering gel polish. Then again the price is really good so you can order till you get what you love.


The Lamp for drying between coats

When it comes to lamps you have options as you can see above.  It all depends on your budget and what you want in a lamp. The first one is the lamp that I own, the small colored UV lamp that costs between $2.44 and $3.30 depending on colour.  The pro is ‘no surprise’ the price. It dries 4 nails at the same time and because it is small you can easy store it. Also if you want the same thing with a more unique design check out this link here. I have been using this small lamp since I started doing my own nails and I have no problems with it. But if you want something more easy to store do check out this fold able uv nail drying lamp. It costs a bit more but is still cheap at $5.78. It is very similar to the first one only it has fold-able legs making it easy to store flat. The third one in the picture is a tad more pro then the other two. This bigger UV lamp has the option to dry 5 nails at the same time, making it easier and faster to do your nails.  It has more lamps making it easier to let the light hit your nails [something that is sometimes tricky when using a small lamp]. It is a bit more expensive at $16.31 but the moment my old lamp breaks I will be buying this one. Also you have the option to stick your feet under this one, so if you want a gel manicure on your can.

Base and Topcoat for your gel manicure

When it comes to base and topcoat you have options. I always stick to peel off base coats because I feel they are more safe. Strangely enough the bottle does not say peel of but I always order the same one and that is this set. The set cots $3.74 and it includes a topcoat and a base coat. One thing that I really love about this one is that the bottles are gold and silver. So you will not confuse what you are using on your nails during the gel manicure. And I always feel that Elite is the one Aliexpress brand of gel polish that is always good, the bottles are full and the quality never disappoints. Also an other product I want to tell you all about is the matte topcoat again from Elite, because this is one of my best buys from this month. This topcoat transforms every polish you own into a matte version. So with only one bottle of polish you can have a high glossy version and a matte version, making every color you own into a new one. The topcoat only costs $1.99, me personally thinks it is more then worth it.

Colour options

Let me start with saying, the best thing that I did was invest in a go to color. I picked a nude shade that would work always, with every outfit and style.  I would advice checking out these shades, they are also in the image above marked with number 1. Because it is so easy to get drowned in a sea of glitter, neons, special things I think it is good to invest in something you can wear in every occasion.

A lot more out there are platinum gel colors. I marked a few of their shades above in the image with a number 2, but I have to admit that the image does not do this justice. I have a few of these shades and they are PACKED with glitter but in a classy way. They are amazing for parties but you can also do one accent nail with this for daily wear. Especially the silver/gold/bronze and all are really pretty. Also a pro about using glitter gel is that you can remove it really fast and easy, if you ever used normal glitter polish you know the struggle to remove glitters. Not with this!

Marked with three is one of the first things I bought.  It is colour changing gel polish It reacts to warm and cold. If you have long nails the tips wil be cold and the nail on your finger is warm, so you will get a gradient. But also with washing hands you directly see the change.

Last but not least I want to mention the solid colors, marked with four. Is a brand of colors can I really like, they have almost everything you might want. I personally really love the dark red, black and the pinks. But there are a lot more colors for your gel manicure and I got a link right here.

I currently got over 40 bottles of gel, do you all want to see a few blogposts featuring these colors with links to the shades on Aliexpress?
If so I will be swatching and collecting links for you all and perhaps make one blogpost for glitters and one for nudes.

♥ Denna

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