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Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip in Mars – Perfectly bright for summer

Is Mars giving me life?

I am not going to rant about the import duties I had to pay for this product because that was so sad. But because I can not stay and mope around, I have see the bright side and that is that I have stunning lip products from colourpop. And colourpop is one of my favorite brands, insane quality with perfect shades. I do know that a lot of people adore nude shades but I want to show you all what I am wearing this summer. Mars is amazing for the moment the sun peeks out. This color is called on their site as a fuchsia shade. And to quote Colourpop: Whether you’re from Mars or Venus this fuchsia will be fab on you.


Colourpop can be bought on their own site, and the link to Mars here here. Colourpop has different ranges and the shade Mars if from the Ultra Matte Lip range.  I personally would say this product is neon because I am pretty sure it could glow in the dark. Colourpop is a rather cheap brand and this product costs $6. All their products come in a cardboard little box. The Ultra Matte Range is long wearing and very pigmented. They do not really transfer the moment the gloss dried on your lips. The moment I saw this product disappear was after a big meal.


Favorite lipstick and necklace at the moment ?

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Why you should get Mars is really easy, this product is really fun. To be honest I have been wearing this non stop. When I go out and I feel lazy I toss on a little black dress, [stinky] nike sneakers, large sunglasses. Then I draw on my eyebrows and add a little bit of mascara, then I finish up with Mars. Mars really adds a pop of color to a simple black outfit. But I can also see this lipstick paired with an all white outfit, very fab. I know a lot of people tend to say away from these colours as daily wear. But I really believe that this colourpop shade would look lovely on a lot of people.

Would you wear mars?
♥ Denna


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