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eBay #1

eBay #1

I love eBay for cute and unique finds and to be honest I buy to much on eBay. Starting from today I will be posting a new eBay post every Monday.  I have to be honest and say that I do not have a fancy name for this segment on my blog. I am just going to name them from #1 till the moment that it ends.  So this first eBay blogpost has three items that are currently high on my wishlist, I think that these are really nice for the current season. These eBay items are something that I would toss in my basket and buy if I had the money. The lipsticks have to be my favorite.

I picked a sweater from eBay, a lovely print that goes round the neckline and something that would be perfect for a casual day. I personally adore the black version but it does come in different colors. Also I wanted to show the L.A girl matte lipglosses that can be bought on eBay for a really decent price. I really adore the brown and purple shades. On google you can find a lot of swatches and raving reviews. Also if you leave a comment with the shade you want to see a review with swatches from tell me, I might buy a few to review here. And last but not least a fun little bag that has a holographic design, and I just adore some holo. It looks special yet still fancy, meaning it is perfect for an all black outfit or a party.

Feather sweater – it comes in black, white and blue – $6.99
L.A. GIRL MATTE LIP GLOSS – 18 colors – $5.34
Holographic bag – $25.99

Lots of love,

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