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Fitbit Blaze

24 hours before leaving towards my vacation destination, I decided to shell out a lot of money for a nice little gadget. I am kind of a tech geek, I also adore statistics. The one thing that I am not is a watch person. Owning a large scala of expensive watches I have to admit that I almost never wear a watch because most of the times I forget or do not like the feeling of it on my wrist. Some time ago I used to own a fitbit flex. I also wrote an article about it. But after a long time the band somehow irritated my skin and I decided to sell the flex and get a different one. Being the pondering girl that I am I did not buy a new one. For 3 months I went on and checked different trackers like Garmin and Jawbone.  Even one of my favorite brands Fossil has wearable technology. Still I decided to go for the design that I love and get a Fitbit Blaze. Now I can make a lame pun about a blazing hot watch, but I will just get on with reviewing this little band of information.

Walk walk fitbit baby

Let me start with making a tiny sidestep towards Pokemon Go, I am a big nerd and I adore the Pokemon game but I should tell you all that I am only a level six. I need to step up my game and walk more with my phone.  Because I do walk a lot and I really like walking. The Fitbit Blaze counts all those steps but it tells you more. Want to know how many kilometers you walked? [So you can check if you already hatched those Pokemon eggs.] But it also measures 24/7 your heart rate, are you burning those calories or do you need to walk faster! It also has a nifty feature that lets you set up 9 hours with 250+ steps so you can walk 2250 steps and do not stay seated for to long. Then we have kilometers and calories burned. Also the blaze has the feature to count the steps you walk, but a side note is that it only counts the steps upwards and not downwards. Also it lets you count the active minutes, exercise and how many hours of sleep. Also it lets you put in your weight which helps to calculate everything. Also the app on your phone let’s you set silent alarms what wakes you up with vibrations [sounds way dirtier then it is].

You can set your own goals with Fitbit. You can put any number of steps in the Fitbit app and walk towards it. I set my goal at 10.000 steps. Pedometers sold in Japan in the 1960s were marketed under the name “manpo-kei,” which means “10,000 steps meter” or so google tells me. So that is why there are so many articles claiming you should walk 10.000 to be healthy and fit and loose weight. Even the fitbit blaze told me that that was a good number. Me personally, I think you should walk whatever you want and what is in your reach. I walked 20.000 steps more then once while wearing this watch but I also walked 5.000 on a rainy day because I could not go outside. Personally I believe goals should be ‘The most you can while living a good balanced life’.

It does really give you insight in your walking and I do think it motives. And it surely tells me to calm the fuck down because my heartrate goes BOOM all the time. Fun fact was that I was wearing this in a super exciting and high scary water ride in europapark. I am not sure if has a name but you sit in a log, you get pulled up high and then you drop towards your doom and lots of water. So I do not mind the drop but I have always been scared of those pull up bands. I could see myself falling out of it towards a different kind of doom. So I decided to distract myself and check my heart rate, just normal. Also during the drop..normal. Then after that I went to get pizza and my heartbeat went up. Sure was excited for that pizza.

The one thing that I like is that you can switch out the band with ease. Fitbit Blaze has a simple click system so you can change up the blaze to your liking. Now the Fitbit Blaze comes with a silicone band and I do like the sporty look of it. But because I do like wearing the band day and night I ordered some eBay bands for this watch. All very cheap but good quality.

Crocodile leather watch strap.
Plain leather watch strap.
Silicone watch strap.
Magnetic steel strap [my favorite]

Now Fitbit also offers their own brand of watch straps. BUT, I am poor and I am pretty sure that Fitbit does not sponsor small bloggers like me. But if you can afford it and want a fitbit brand strap I also have links for that.

Metal links watch strap
REAL leather watch strap
Classic watch strap

So let me run it down. It is a nifty and pretty watch and is perfect for people who want to get more insight and get fit and healthy. It is a tad expensive because it runs for €229 [at the moment it is €189] and I got mine at Mediamarkt and I bought this with my birthday money. Because as a poor student I can not just drop 229 on a watch. Because that would mean I was rich and that would mean I could get the Fitbit Aria Wifi Smart bodyscale that costs wayyyyyyy more then I have at the moment. Sponsor me fitbit [just kidding].
For questions about this nifty little Fitbit Blaze smartwatch, you can leave a comment down in the comment section of this article or you can drop me a message on instagram. I will respond to everything. 

♥ Denna

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