Furla Wallet Zip around in bright orange

In a bright color!

I always buy cheaper wallets, my most expensive one being an outlet wallet from Guess. Original price somewhere round 60 euro and I bought it for 16 euro in outlet Roermond.  But recently I had been having my eye out for a small wallet. I have been loving small cross body bags but they never seemed to fit my big ass wallet. So I did have a smaller wallet on my wishlist, and for those who are following my wishlist posts…I bought this Furla Wallet a few months ago. And I do think this beauty deserves a blogpost, because it is my first every Furla Wallet


Furla wallet in zip around

This lovely Furla wallet has a Zip around design, the price range is €110 till €160 depending on the design. The plain ones like my Furla Wallet are cheaper then the ones with embellishments. I used to be a fan of big wallets, the bigger the better because I stuffed it with coins and recipes and hairties and and…yep I used to be a junk collector. But because wallets should not be a collection of junk I decided to downsize to a small wallet. So I get all my expensive bags and purses from TkMaxx, just because it is far cheaper but also because we do not have many designer stores where I live. I tend to check the outlets and TkMaxx, if I have my heart set on something high quality. I was debating a few different brands but I decided to go for Furla in a bright colour, I saw a lot of pastel colours but I decided to go for neon orange. Such a bright wallet makes it really easy to find in a dark bag.  The wallet has a few card slots, enough for me because I also own a card holder and a little space for your coins. I almost never have coins with me so I tend to use that for hairties and scraps of paper.  Now for what I payed for it, this furla wallet was 40 euro at the TkMaxx.

So I would love to know what kind of wallet you have, leave it in the comments! 
♥ Denna



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