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House of Harlow Mini Sunburst

First House of Harlow piece

Talking to a friend about a house of harlow necklace that I saw in the sale she gave me a piece of advice “You are always talking about the brand, just buy it”.  And you know, good advice because I have not felt regret for a second. I might be addicted now, like I am to Pandora and Swarovski but I can not complain. Picking good jewelry can be harder then you expect, because some brands are expensive but only because of their name and not the quality. That was the thing that put me of this brand initially. It is base metal with gold plating, so I had my trust issues with this piece.

Money VS Quality:  So this necklace is original 80 euro but I got it on Zalando here for 28 or somewhere round that price. Because there was a discount and couponcodes. I really advice you browse the House of Harlow collection at this moment because the sale is epic. The pieces are in silver and gold. All base metal with a thick plating. Now I admit that I wore this necklace on a slightly warmer day when I was wearing a thick sweater, there was some neck sweat going on but the necklace did not stain my neck. I also wore this for 2 days straight and slept in it and the necklace did not break or leave a trace of green in my neck. I am very careful in this conclusion but after a few weeks it still looks beautiful so the gold layer is thick enough.  The quality vs the price, I have to say House of Harlow does a good job.

Design: House of Harlow is designed by Nicole Richie, love or hate her…I personally feel that her style is amazing. She dresses kind of bohemian with good jewelry. And good jewelry is key! It can make or break an outfit and House of Harlow makes an outfit. People touch my necklace and go “Ooooeeeh” the moment they see it. It is a small pendant on an gold chain. it has no stones except for the white one in the middle making it sleek and minimal. The sun is very nice and while I think I can wear this a lot in the summer. This House of Harlow Mini Sunburst necklace also looks amazing on a sweater.

What do you think about my new House of Harlow piece?
♥ Denna

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