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I did some window shopping at Spartoo.

Currently short ankle boots are trending, while I am more a tall boots girl I have to admit that I found a few pair of shoes that need to come home with me. I admit I have a weakness for special shoes and studs…

So from the above pairs there are a few that I need in my life. But sadly can not afford. So starting from left to right on the top row we have,

So we have Gelda Black from Friis&Company in my eyes these shoes are worth the price tag of 129 euros. These bootlets have something special that sort of reminds me of Vivienne Westwood, pirates and a rock star all in one. These would be perfect with a pair of colored jeans or with a bright body con skirt. I could see myself wearing these on days where I need to walk a lot. 

Next to Gelda we have Folie in black from one of my favorite brands, Diesel! Now these shoes are not really winter proof but perfect for fall. Currently on sale from 250 euros for 207 euros. These leather boots are begging to be taken out for a wild night. I do think they combine spacewarrior with a classy image. I would say “Beam me up” but only if I can wear those shoes.

Chie-Mihara is a brand I have not heard of before, but these Ottemba boots are amazing in color. I can see this with a black pencil skirt and some nice hounds tooth tights. I am not sure if I would pay the hefty price tag of 279 euros but if you got the money to spare and you want a bright boot. Go for it!

At the second row we start with a pair of colored boots. These Bullboxer Gripsy boots are only 89 euros what I think is decent for a pair of leather boots. Again this would be perfect for a lot of walking and I can see these paired with a pair of black skinny jeans. Not much to say about this one, it has a good shape, studs and a nice heel. I love it!

Mjus is a brand I have not heard about yet but Hello Grido boots! These boots would fit all kind of people and styles. I could see these leather boots being worn on a night out, to work, to school and just when you want to go shopping. The color is perfect to be paired with black but also a pop of color. Also how cute is the strap?

Now I am sure you are thinking “Denna! What The Fuck!” Yes these irregular choice boots are not for everybody but I love the statement they make. MIAOW is these pair called and it is catwomen proof.  If I had to pick one pair of these boots I would go for these or the Gelda Black. These would be perfect for nighttime and the Gelda for day time.

So what is your favorite pair?

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