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Innocent Smoothie Plus

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Innocent smoothie plus

Green smoothies are perfect little green monsters to add to a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes you do not have time to make your own smoothie or you need inspiration and then I personally like to buy a smoothie at the supermarket. I never go to fancy places to get smoothies, that is also not a thing where I live. So I walked into the AH and grabbed myself an Innocent smoothie. I really like their package and the color green looked good. Also it is a super smoothie meaning it contains super foods. Wanna hear what I think? Keep on reading.




The ingredients of this innocent smoothie are 1.5 apple, 0.5 banana, 0.5 kiwi, 7 white grapes, 0.25 mango, a tad of cucumber, 0.6% crushed up flax seed, squish of lemon juice, bit of pumpkin and spirulina, 0.02% wheat grass, some vitamine c & e and last but not least some minerals.  250 ML of this is good for 2 pieces of fruit and the bottle contains 360 ML. So this is really healthy and good for you!  But this little bottle costs €2.39. That is over 6 euro’s for a liter of this product. And if I want to drink a bottle a day I would be paying €16.73 a week or €71.70 a month. So it is not a product you can drink daily for an extra boost of health. I personally would buy this once in a while to add to my healthy lifestyle.

Because it has flax seed I expected it to have seeds and lumps and other weird texture things. But this smoothie was SMOOTH, get it smoothIE. Hehe lame joke. But it drank away like any other drink, nothing to thick but the perfect texture for a smoothie. I really tasted the apple and banana in it, it did not have an other distinctive taste. Really nice and fresh, kind of like a special apple juice. I could be drinking a few bottles a day so nice is the taste.

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So it comes down to this, the taste is amazing but the price is a bit much. When these come into sale or have a special discount I will be buying it but for €2.39 I am to poor of a student.
♥ Denna

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