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Killer Frost inspired navy lips


Give me some navy blue lipstick

Killer Frost is a villain from the DC universe she has more then one incarnation, she is mainly the adversary from Firestorm. She has three incarnations: Crystal frost, Louise Lincoln and Caitlin Snow. The last one you might from tv series if you are a fan of Agents of Shield, Arrow or The Flash. Because she has different incarnations and is part of different series she does have different looks. But one thing she does have in many images is navy lips. Above you can see different versions of Killer Frost, my favorite versions. I really adore her with with long hair and the Caitlin Snow version in the tv-series is STUNNING. So today I want to show you options of lipsticks to get if you want to make a navy lip like Killer Frost but I also want to show you my take on her look.  [O how I miss my blonde hair]



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Killer Frost in the flash

As I mentioned before Killer Frost also is shown in the series The Flash. Dr Claitlin Snow turned from good to evil with new looks to match. The above images are a big inspiration to try and wear a blue lipstick and make a pretty face make-up to go with it. Sadly enough I am not a blonde anymore or I would have done a complete cosplay with matching outfit. But there are some things that stand out in this look. I mean look at them bold brows and light eye shadow. Also she is very pale, something that is comic accurate. I would personally add some highlighter to make her face look frozenly snatched. Also I would have loved to see a little silver necklace with her outfit, but now I am nitpicking.

Lipstick options

So I decided to find a selection of shades also different prices. Mostly budget because nobody is going to wear blue lipstick daily I assume. From left to right.
Colourpop Climax – $5.00 – A matte blue violet shade.
MAC Lipstick Matte Royal – €19.50 – Dark navy matte lipstick
NYX Midnight Muse – $7.00 – Matte velvet navy shade
NYX Jet Set – $7.00 – Liquid Suede bright blue
Lime Crime Denim – $18.00 –  Metallic matte lipstick

My Take

I decided to take the liquid lipstick that I already had in my stash, Peacock from eBay. It is streaky and looks not that decent on the lips I would advice getting one of the lipsticks from the collage above but if you want to try it out the cheap alternative from eBay is okay. But for this look it would do. I used Mermaids Forever from makeup revolution on my eyes and added a cheap black eyeliner from Catrice. Also I am wearing my new Marley Rebel BT headphones that match with the blue lipstick. So I am not completly happy with it, but it looks decent.

♥ Denna

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