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Lets stick a label on it

I hate people who label, I hate fitting in a box and I hate the fact that we are expected to be a certain way. Movies tell us that their has to be a preppy cheerleader with the large boobs, the makeup girl, the sporty girl who does not wear makeup, the geek with the glasses, the gamer who drinks beer and only games. All of them are bullshit. Because nobody is a stereotype and we do not fit into one box with one label. Just because I decide to dye my hair blonde does not mean I am a brainless bimbo, my cosplay and love for all nerdy does not only make me a nerd. Also true story, when you dress up as your favorite character and show it on instagram you get a lot of dickpics. [but that is a different story to tell]. Today lets talk stereotypes.

I am not really against stereotyping because it can be positive, but it also can be very negative.  I tag my pictures with #Gamergirl or #Cosplayer because I love to meet people who are into the same thing. I want to share the things that I adore. That does not mean I spend my days in cosplay gaming while eating pizza, I only do that…four times a week. Truth be told an image does not tell a real story, when you only post makeup on instagram does not say that you are a girly girly girl that only spends her days perfecting her make-up.  People with cat pictures do not only spend their whole life taking pictures of their cats.

When writing this I tried to keep it short, because I want to hear your opinion. What do you think about Labels. What labels do people stick on you, please share. ♥ Denna


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