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Lies I tell: Persona 5 ~ and the top 10 lies I tell myself while playing


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Persona 5

Persona 5 is a game that I adore for the story line and graphics. Today I have a little spoiler free article about the lies I tell myself while playing persona 5. One of my favorite JRPG from the moment and a game that I have been playing a lot.  If you are interested in what lies I tell myself or perhaps want to share a few of your own, do read more

  1. I can do this on my own
    • No I can not and it took me 2 hours to find out
    • Yes I use guides, more then one.
    • Yes I google exam questions cause I know perhaps half of the questions the game uses.
  2. Mundoon will not kill me
    • Mundoon is a move that will instant kill you, meaning you have to restart hour of dungeon crawling.
    • There are enemies that use a lot of Mundoon and it will hit you
    • I might have rage quit over 10 times in one dungeon.
  3. I will play Mementos with all the characters, not only those who I like
    • Let’s be honest, we all have characters we love and hate. And we all have back-up characters that we do not use and only use for healing.
    • Goro Akechi is really set up to be a favorite of mine [he has a lightsaber] but I hate him and his ‘crow’ design is horrible
    • Yusuke Kitagawa is a pervert, so I tend not to take him with me in Mementos.
  4. I will not get invested in Persona 5 on an emotional level
    • It is not possible to play this game without thinking about hardships. The game tells different stories about being under pressure, blaming yourself for something you did not do and getting eaten by guilt, being false accused, abuse, suicide and more.
    • Even if it is animated and lighthearted at times, it does suck you in and tug your heartstrings.
  5. This is one game where I won’t buy any Persona 5 merchandise
    • Till today I have not bought anything, but I did make it a wishlist with things that I am going to buy.
  6. I am not comparing it to persona 3
    • But to be honest…I liked playing as a game
    • And I liked the storyline a tad better
    • Perhaps it was just Akihiko that I adored
  7. I don’t really need the persona 5 artbook
    • Bought but it was super cheap so nobody can blame me for this
  8. I won’t go overboard with trophies for this game
    • I might have make a spreadsheet to mark everything that I need.
    • I might take the game very slow because I do not want to miss anything and I am currently at 41%
  9. It is not that hard to stay clear of spoilers, Persona 5 is not that populair
    • I want to check one little thing and the next moment I get sucked into the abyss of spoilers
  10. I will not only play persona but I will rotate my games
    • Do I have other games?

If you play Persona 5 [or any other game] leave me one lie you tell yourself
♥ Denna

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