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Loreal Colorista – Hot Pink & Light Blue

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Hey puddin’ today I got a review for the colorista sprays. Adding a pop of color in your hair is not something new, but at times you want to try it out and for those days the colorista sprays are perfect. You spray in the color and then you wash it out whenever you want.  It is a easy process and you only leave a trace when spraying it in, and to be honest the towels that I messed up washed out so no damage done!  There is a whole world of posible hair with the sprays, I mean it is made easy to be an mermaid now. I mean I want every color for the summer so I can use them on my vacation. It would be loads of fun. Also I am getting more blue and pink for my Harley Quinn hair.  Let me give you a rundown of this product because I am sure you would love to hear more.

Hot pink and light blue colorista

I tend to buy my hair products in Germany from DM,  As you can see here at their site, a dutch site is KruidvatSuperdrug also sells these bottles and also Target.  The prices are somewhere round 8-10 euro depending on where you buy it.  I am gonna be honest, it is expensive for the amount of product you get depending on the color that you get.  I would not get the really pastel colors expect when you really need that for a cosplay or costume. The light blue takes almost half a bottle for one half pigtail.  So I used it three times for my Harley cosplay what makes it kind of expensive for only three small uses. The pink only needs a few sprays because the color directly shows on my hair. Now I have really light blonde hair but I am sure this will also show up on dark hair.  Some of the colors do, I heard the teal shows up on really dark hair.

So how I use this product is a tad different then the bottle tells you or I heard other people doing it.  I use my tangle teezer when applying this. I keep the colorista spray in one hand and the comb in my other and then I spray, comb, spray, comb, spray, comb, do a little dance and keep going with spraying and combing. You are going to lose some product while brushing, but rather on the brush then on your cloths and hands. But more important it really evenly distributes the product. Also it keeps from getting a messy hairdo, we all want soft hair and not a hard mess.

Speaking of damage, I feel like it is decent. You can expect some dryness but when using a good hairmask or Olaplex number 3 you almost notice nothing and you will get your hair back in good condition really fast.  Also really fast if damaged hair is problem for you and you are interested in the olaplex I mentioned I also wrote a piece about it and the pictures really tell a story.  But yeah, Colorista does not ruin your hair as long as you take care of your hair!

What do you think about this product? ♥ Denna


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