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Maybelline Matte Master Ink eyeliner

Maybelline Eyeliner goals

Eyeliner is my most used beauty item, I really adore winged eyeliner and I tend to wear it daily. I am pretty sure a lot of people have not seen my face without eyeliner. Kind of my daily thing eyeliner. I normally go for my trusty catrice eyeliner in dating jack black but I also like to experiment. One criteria needed is a felt tip, the rest is all optional. I am not a pen person meaning I want to dip my eyeliner in the liquid. I feel like that always gives the best result for me.  So when I saw the above eyeliner from Maybelline I had to get it, partly because it said it is matte and also the package played a large part into buying this. Look at the combination of white and black and I do like the font used.

Matte Master Ink

I bought my eyeliner in Germany at DM, I payed €6.85 for this eyeliner. In Holland you will be paying €8.50 for the same eyeliner so I tend to go to Germany when I buy Maybelline. The master Ink eyeliner also comes in satin and glitter, when making my choice I directly grabbed Matte for obvious reasons. I really like the idea of a matte eyeliner and I decided to swatch it against my favorite eyeliner Dating Jack Black from Catrice. And then I decided that I am a horrible beautyblogger but I found out that many eyeliners dry matte and when a brand puts it on their package it does not make it extra matte. I drew two tiny hearts on my hand and the color is identical. It is a deep black colour that goes on with one swipe. What makes the master ink eyeliner special in my opinion is that it has a 0,4 mm brush, tinier then most eyeliners that I used.  I can really get close to my lashline with this brush and it makes a perfect sharp wing. So sharp you can cut something with it. it works really precise and I would recommend this to many people because it also does not transfer during the day. It stays firmly on my day after a long day of working and that is always a big plus.


Above I used the eyeliner with two different looks but with my signature wing. These wings where done really fast because I do not want to take a lot of time to get the eyeliner on. As you can see the wing is precise enough and the staying power is amazing. When you want to try out liquid eyeliner I would say check this out. Because the price is decent compared to the quality. It is not a new holy grail product for me but I will be happy using this daily till it runs out. Because I love the brush of this Maybelline product I want to try out the glitter version but they did not have it is stores but I did find it at Asos

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♥ Denna

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