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Nintendo Live – round-up of the live-stream – My favorites


Recently Nintendo had a livestream telling us about all the new things coming towards 3DS/2DS and the Nintendo Switch. A while ago I got the Nintendo Switch, or should I say my sister got the Switch and I am stealing it from time to time. Because I got this console I decided to watch the live-stream so I can get some new games, pre-order the stuff I really want and just be up to date. But to be honest there where only a few things that amused me and so today I am going to round-up this live-stream.  Let me tell you my opinion about everything that I find interesting and is worth pre-ordering or looking into. Also this is an image heavy article. Mostly DS games and one Switch game, because the switch line-up was not my cup of tea.

Pokemon ultra sun & Pokemon ultra moon

So the live-steam from Nintendo kicked off with Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, one of those games that young people and older people are buying. 17 november this game will be released and I am still debating on what version I should get.  There are a few things that they told us about the game that was not out yet. The story line has the Pokemon Necrozma who takes on two new forms Dusk Mane and Dawn Wing.  There are will new locations [yet it is still set in the same world als Moon and Sun] I am going to assume people are most hyped about Valley of Pikachu. There will be new items for character customization, I am really happy that they brought this back and we can make our own little characters.

Also like most games offer, Nintendo also offers a pre-order bonus for pre-ordering these games. So you are getting a desk form Lycanroc as Pokemon when you order before the release. And the release date will be 12 november.

Also as you can see there is going to be a special 2DS XL in pokemon style and there will be also a white and orange color combination. The pokemon Limited edition will be released on 3 november but I recommend pre-ordering because this will be sold out.




Let’s take a moment to talk Amibo’s because Nintendo is slaying these. They announced to be releasing the Koopa and Goomba. And while these two are in my humble opinion the most underrated Mario characters [are they even in the newest Mario Cart?] I think they really are something cute and Nintendo is brilliant for bringing these out. And the Koopa Trooper looks like a sneaky little fellow.

Layton: Katrielle and the miljonairs conspiracy

Sit down because I am going to rant!  I am a big Layton fan. To poor to buy all the games but working on it. I loved the crossover they did, but I also felt like they knew that they where really stretching the Layton name. One can only watch a grown up man solve puzzels for so long without getting the feeling of repeat. So now the next installment features his daughter Katrielle. Now the name, Hershel wanted to give his daughter an unique name I guess….I am not really a fan but I do like the nickname Kat. But I am a fan of the design of this girl, no girl that wears an amazing special outfit. Simple legging under a dress with a top hat reminding her of her fathers design. I love how they picked muted tones and did not make her girly girly. I love how they went for a female lead, kind of sad that they did not give her a female sidekick as girl powerduo. Seeing that Layton also took that little boy with him everywhere. I am pretty sure Nintendo is aiming towards a love story with Katrielle and Ernest. I am really looking forward towards this puzzle game.

If you are doubting about this. This game is perfect to play before sleeping, you just solve puzzels and taking breaks or playing for a small amount of time is okay with this game because you go from puzzle to puzzle with story line in between. Good for young and old folk. Release date is 6 oktober.

Get it at:


Game Mania


Mario Party The top 100

Biggest surprise for me and perhaps most exciting this when it comes to fun games. I already pegged the Nintendo Switch as favorite console for parties. But with Mario Party the Top 100 you can play people their favorite mini games from Mario Party, and to be honest I only played for the mini games [especially shake the bottle Mario Party 9]. Now the best 100 games from 10 years of Mario party get bundled together and you can play with your friends even when you only have one game card. And that is what I personally think is brilliant.

I can not wait for 10 november when this will be released.

Get it a GameStop

Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology

To be honest I am not a big fan of this game, it just has a very pretty launch edition and I wanted to note that for the people who want to get this game. Because this will be something that sells out rather fast.



Xenoblade Chronicles 2 [Switch]

Xenoblade is the one game that really was highlighted during the stream and Nintendo is going hard. They have a special edition and even a special controller with this game. Xenoblade is an open world RPG.  One of the things that stood out to me is that you can pick different blades for different styles, you have to think and match up. That reminds me of one of my favorite games Persona5.

The special edition with come with with a copy of the game, soundtrack CD, a 220-page art book, and a special steelbook case. And to be honest that box just looks lovely.

You can get it at: Gamestop and Gamemania


What are you most excited about?
♥ Denna

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