Notes to March 2018

I often have the idea that I vanish from this blog the moment my life goes downhill. Perhaps because I only want to share the good things, the fun things and the things that I adore. Giving up is not one of the things that I enjoy doing,so I planned for months to come back to this little space on the internet. Not to get millions of followers and to get famous. But to spread what I adore. I always been insecure about blogging because showing my face and writing was really scary for me. How would I expect that people liked my pictures while I most of the time did not like what I saw in the mirror. That has passed and I began finding my own strong points thanks to some lovely people.

March is a month that never stands out to me. I often find myself lingering for summer and March, nothing special. But I want to make every day special and for March I am planning to work-out more and in a different way. I am going to drink more smoothies and try to smile more. I want to play my playstation games that I normally ignore and try to take more pictures to share.

What do you want for March?
♥ Denna


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