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P2 Sand Style Polish

050 Confidential

Sand style polishes where and perhaps still are a bit hit. I personally did not feel that much for sand style polishes till I found the P2 variations. They look like extreme glitter polishes without the annoyance that glitters bring me when I try to remove them. Also these polishes look stunning in the sun.

Where to get them

You can get these polishes at DM a german drugstore, they are from their own brand P2. I adore the brand because it is very budget, I payed for this polish €1.95 what is really cheap for a 11ml sand polish. The one thing I hate about this polish is that it sells out really fast, last time when I went they did not have any sand polishes and the time before I only got 10 Adorable what is a cute light pink polish. There is one silver sand style polish that is very high on my wishlist but somehow I can not get my hands on that one. But enough blabbering, I am sure swatches and pictures say more about nailpolish then words. I do want to note I only used one layer of this polish.

So this polish is between a blue and purple shade when in direct sunlight but it seems very gray out of the sun. What do you think?
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