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    *Gosh Dusty Rose

    I normally don’t like to buy nude or old pink nail polish but I won this polish. I was actually not really impressed till I swatch-ed it on my nails. Hello new favorite colour!

    I used two layers but it also had a very nice coverage with only one.

    Very classy colour, I love it!

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    New Ring: Blue stone from my Grannie

    I must say I love my [semi-tacky] bling. My Grannie has some expensive rings but doesn’t wear them often. What she doesn’t wear she often gives to me. The right one is a tiny band with clear stones that she gave me a few months ago and the center one is my Jacques LeMan that I wear nonstop. Now new to the family is my blue stoned ring. I call it my new wedding ring [even when I don’t have a guy in my life 8D]
    Also can you guess what I used as background for these pictures?

    I adore the blue big stone and look at that lush real fur that I used as background. I need to brush my fur more 

    Yes she liked being my model. She is a huge camera whore.
    What is your favorite ring?

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    Essence: LE Fruity Blush Sorbet

    Let me start with the fact that I do not use blush, ever! But I decided why not? So I just snatched up this blush sorbet. I used a few times already and there are some high and low points.

    Does it look pretty? The blush does but the jar doesn’t, The cheap plastic jar does not irk me so much but the fact that the top looks so dirty cheap annoys me. Fruity is in a front that I don’t love and the white top looks overdone. Not what I normally expect from a LE. But why did I buy it?

    Doesn’t that just look amazing?  I love the color and the semi glitter that it seems to have.

    So let me sum up the high and low points!


    • It has a very cheap looking packige
    • It is a limited edition
    • It rieks! It really stinks I think. I smells kind of like those cheap bubblegum you had as a kid
    • Amazing color
    • Easy in use
    • Easy to build op color
    Still even when it has a few low points I still like this. 
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    Tip: My favorite hair mask

    Today I am going to share my favorite hair mask with you. This jar full of yellow wonder really works wonders for my hair. I am known for bleaching my hair and so I need to really take care of my hair so it doesn’t break. This is one of the few hair masks that leave my hair soft, easy to manage and sweet smelling.

    Altought I have admit that Elvive from L’oreal isn’t that cheap. But with 300ML you can get your moneys worth. I payed round 8 euro for this jar.

    Do tell me what is your favorite hair-care product?

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    Must Watch: Fashion Star

    It has Nicole Richie so what not to love.

    I actually like they way they set up this show, read more to see what it is about!

    Each week, the show will begin with an exhilarating fashion show unlike anything seen before featuring musical performances, dancers and models in front of a studio audience. Every fashion show will be built around a weekly challenge that is designed to further develop and expand the designers’ brands.The series will feature clothes designed for America to buy, and it has enlisted three of the world’s top retailers to help in the decision-making process. Caprice Willard (Macy’s), Terron E. Schaefer (Saks Fifth Avenue) and Nicole Christie (H&M) will serve as the judges who make on-the-spot decisions as they vie for the right to purchase and exclusively carry the work of the up-and-coming designers each week.Each week, designers who do not sell any of their items to the buyers will be up for elimination. In addition, celebrity mentors Simpson, Richie and Varvatos will be able to save one of these designers from the chopping block.

    Currently I have designer I am rooting for

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    Aztec & Pastel

    So I wanted to show of my new scarf, Pastel and Aztec are something that I am currently in love with. What do you think about this springtime scarf? I am only debating to cut of the pom-poms. I also have no idea how I want to pair it yet so suggestions are loved.