Patches up my jeans, step forward


Patches for days

Patches, are the next big thing. Recently I got myself a set of three patches, those patches can be ironed on clothing for a playful effect. So as the little tech crazy girl I am, I turned to google images and Instagram for idea’s.  It did not take long till I saw that they look amazing on jeans. I mean the trend of patches on jackets and especially army coats has passed in my opinion but on jeans it looks amazing.  While I am looking for the perfect jeans to sew on my patches [that include fries, a burger and the word love] I decided to write this blogpost and find some links for patches that look great on jeans….or bags,shoes,shirts. I collected an assorted collection of options for people who are on trend but also for us nerds.

What kind of patch?

So can look on different sites for patches, I decided to round up my favorite sites with many options. Asos has a few options, like the sugar skull and bomb from designb but also food options. I really like the donut and soda, those are super cute. Also Asos has more tradition options like a star and anchor and a tiger and thunderbolt. Also all those patches are iron on, like most options that I will be showing today.  eBay has a load of options but I decided to pick this seller here that has many cute and popular options. The sugar hearts are really cute and the cat is a design I see popping up everywhere. The last site that I picked is Megamooi, they have a load of cheap options here. From militair inspired to cute little plants. I think Mega Mooi is surely a site you can check out.

My pants, let the nerdflag…uh pants fly high

As I said I got food inspired for one pair of jeans. But I also want a pair with my favorite fandom on it. So I also collected some patches that I will be buying. These would also look great on a laptop bag. I decided to include the agents of shield badge but they also have hydraa collection of six patches from the justice league that has a really cute wonderwoman one but you can also order a wonder woman logo. Also I included my favorite male hero batman, the emblem in black on black but they also have the traditional black and yellow. And as Harley cosplayer [check me out] and suicide squad fan I had to include this Harley patch and the suicide squad logo.

So soon I will be handeling my iron if it is thor’s hammer and I will be looking cute with my patched up jeans.

So what do you think about patches, love it or do you think they are childish?
♥ Denna

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