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We don’t all need to be Instagram Perfect

Today I clicked on an Instagram account, stunning girl. 50K followers, people screaming her name in the comments, perfect selfies. A fitgirl in perfect body-hugging nike pro shorts. Makeup skills that are beauty blogger worthy, perfect brows and long lashes.  I bet a name popped into your mind when I mentioned the girl, actually the girl could be any girl. Many girls inspire to be her, perfect with a load of followers. The Instagram Queen, or as they say nowadays Instagram Baddie. A girl who is perfect in the eyes of others and fulfills all the boxes.

But what is perfection? Is it those perfect brows, perfect body, perfect amount of followers…
You can train so hard to be perfect, eat every meal you need.
You can layer on make-up, draw in every other aspect people want you to be.
You can also buy a load of Instagram followers.
You can also hold your face in a perfect way to look ever beter.
You can use an app to make yourself more skinny, curvy, blurred…

Maybe perfection is not into a picture? Maybe it is not to be captured in a simple image on Instagram but just something that is in everybody.
I personally think that if you inspire to be Instagram perfect, you might never be happy. Because who cares about looking perfect in a picture when you can be smiling, when you can laugh, when you can look silly. Who cares if you are a size 0 or a size 22 or whatever number there is sewn into your shirt.

Often we forget that instagram is not real life. When I move I have a massive under chin, when I pose in pictures I hide it.  I am not the only person who takes tons of pictures and then picks one out of the bunch to share on social media. We all want to present in a perfect way. But sometimes those non perfect moments can be so beautiful.

♥ Denna


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