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Pokémon – Let’s go Pikachu/Eevee! – Nintendo Switch

Let’s go Pikachu & Let’s go Eevee

There is a new rpg coming out on Nintendo switch and people are hyped…but are we not always hyped till we take a close look and let it sink in. Recently a trailer came telling us about the new switch version of Pokémon. A game I grew up with and a game a lot of people grew up with. I am going to be honest with you all, I own every Pokémon game up to date but I am slowly losing interested with the franchise. To be not so bias I asked somebody who still adores the franchise if they where getting the game, the answer surprised me.


What do we know

Every Pokémon in this game is first generation and it takes place in Kanto. I have to admit that the rendering of the environment is stunning. I love the chibi element that is showcases, everything is adorable and overly cute. I am a sucker for these kind of graphics, the fluffs of grass and the shiny Pokemon center. Let’s go Pikachu and Let’s go Eevee does showcase a lot of potential thanks to the Nintendo Switch. It is suited for the small portable on the go console but also is something that you want to play on the television. Also props how the Let’s go Pikachu version gives you Pikachu as starter and it sits on your shoulder and the Let’s go Eevee version has the Eevee starter that sits on your head.

Controle wise they tell us that you use one joycon controller to play but it also shows a ‘multiplayer’ mode that gives players the option to toss two balls at the same time towards a Pokémon to catch it. My forever alone ass could see myself doing that with both joy-cons in my hands. On the other hand, my clumsiness could also see myself tossing a joycon at the television while trying to catch a Pokémon or perhaps pull a muscle while repeating it over and over. To be honest the tossing element is cute but I can see the gimmick getting stupid overtime.

But the one thing that stood out the most to me is the fact that it is kind of ‘Pokémon Go” and I mean the mobile game. As a level 31 at that game, I know my Pokémon Go. And it does not motivate me to get let’s go Pikachu or let’s go Eevee [I would indeed prefer the Eevee over the Pikachu]. Because the charme from Pokémon Go is the fact that I walk and explore, I love to walk in the sun and I don’t see myself walking with that big ass Switch.

To be honest it seems like a filler game and many seem to agree. And I personally as a game collector would not mind a small filler game while we wait for a big game, but €59 for this kind of game [while I can play Pokémon go for free] I am not loving it

Will I change my mind about this game? And what do you think, leave a comment
♥ Denna

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