Sugar Bear Hair ~ Facts and day 1 ~ Let my hair grow!

Sugar Bear Hair

If you follow online influencers you might have noticed these blue bears that are said to give you amazingly long and full hair. Kardashian girls promote this product and are often seen on their Instagram with a bottle. Honestly I am smart enough to know that these are no wonder gummies because they are just vitamines. You can technically get everything separate and make sure you get the same dose as these Sugar Bear Hair Bear’s contain. But that is rather hard because the doses are so high, it would result in you getting a lot of bottles and taking a lot of pills while sugar bear hair only is two ‘candy-like’ bears a day.

So today is my day one article about Sugar Bear Hair. I wil run over what my current start hair is, including measurements and pictures. But I will also break down what is inside, alternatives and where to get these. Today is the first article, after testing it for one month I will post an update and after two months I will conclude if I want to continue and if the results are worth it.

My Hair

I always think that before starting something you need to rundown and look at the starting stage. I used to bleach my hair from age 15 till 25 and then I started going towards a hairdresser that knows what she is doing. We used loads of olaplex and took care of my hair. During that time I started to spend more on quality hair products and stopped using a lot of heat. Recently I got it dyed from blonde to brown.

Also I find it important to add that I am something who lives healthy, lots of fruit and water during the day. For meals I mostly eat veggies and sometimes add meat of fish. On daily bases I take three kind of supplements next to my sport supplements.  First is a multi-vitamine with vitamines from A till Z. Second we have vitamine C that is dosed at 250 grams. And the third and last supplement I take is probiotics. I intend to keep taking these during the testing of the Sugar Bear Hair gummies cause these are for my overal health and have no impacted my hair growth or condition.

My hair is mostly healthy on-top and the end are death and stringy.
I do not have a lot of volume in my hair.
I do not loose a lot of hair when I brush it thanks to my tangle teezer brush.
My hair is thin and not in large quantity

Measuring my hair is currently 60cm when I look at the thicker parts but the longest is 63cm [but those are thin parts].

The Rundown

From Sugar Bear Hair their own site the ingredients.

Vitamin A (Palmitate)
Vitamin A is a powerful vitamin found in sweet potatoes, carrots and kale. This powerhouse contributes to the health of your skin and scalp by helping to promote your blood’s oxygen circulation. Increased oxygen circulation to the scalp helps to feed your scalp the vital nutrients your hair needs for longer and stronger hair. This marvelous vitamin has antioxidant properties that helps to protect your hair follicles from problems such as excessive shedding or hair fall. If you suffer from a dry scalp, you’d love Vitamin A for its ability to moisturize the scalp by supporting your body’s natural oil production (known as sebum).

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)
A study found in the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology references the use of Vitamin C to improve hair growth. The subjects who were given a hair vitamin complex containing Vitamin C experienced faster hair growth compared to those who didn’t take the Vitamin C containing complex. This is because Vitamin C is vital for your body to develop collagen, which helps your hair to grow stronger from the inside out. This youth activating antioxidant helps to protect your scalp from damage by combating free-radicals. Free-radicals can cause hair loss over time. All successful hair care formulas contain Vitamin C due to its amazing hair growing properties.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E is essential for blood circulation. Besides healing and protecting your hair, it can also help with fine lines and wrinkles on your skin. Like Vitamin A, this vitamin helps to bring enough oxygen to your scalp to promote healthy hair growth. This rich antioxidant also acts as a safeguard against damage to your hair follicles. When taken in combination with Vitamin C, your hair can improve its strength and elasticity.

Vitamin B-6
Vitamin B-6 is a great vitamin to take for hair loss. By helping your body to form cells and bring oxygen to your scalp, your hair follicles will be able to produce healthier hair. Foods such as sunflower seeds, chicken, and tuna contain Vitamin B-6. When taken with zinc, the two work together to help block a substance in our bodies called DHT, which can cause hair loss.

Folic Acid (Vitamin B-9)
Folic Acid is a fascinating vitamin that is crucial for your body to repair your DNA. This vitamin actively supports cell division so that your hair follicles can produce healthy hair. Reducing hair loss and preventing thinning is what Folic Acid does best! It is best to take Folic Acid with Vitamin B-12. Having a deficiency in one of these vitamins can cause excessive hair breakage or hair loss. To keep the balance, be sure to take both of these marvelous vitamins together!

Vitamin B-12
Vitamin B-12 gives an amazing boost to your hair growth by supporting your body’s energy process and helping to form red blood cells. Red blood cells are responsible for feeding oxygen to your scalp, which helps your hair to grow longer. People who take Vitamin B-12 notice an increase in energy and vitality.

Biotin is one of the most important vitamins you can take to promote hair growth. Biotin supports the health of your scalp by producing fatty acids which in turn helps the health of your hair. A deficiency in essential fatty acids produces symptoms such as dry, scaly or flaky skin, dandruff, dry, brittle hair or eczema, according to the ProHealth website, all of which may lead to hair loss. Eating foods high in biotin or taking a biotin supplement will help combat hair loss due to a poor diet. When you take biotin, you are also helping to support your hair’s keratin, making your hair stronger. Keratin is what your hair, skin, and nails are made of. Taking biotin with other B vitamins will create a powerful combination to help combat hair loss. If you are prone to breakouts, we recommend taking a biotin supplement with Vitamin B-5. Biotin when combined with B-5 helps to reduce the chances of acne or breakouts in the skin.

Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B-5)
Vitamin B-5 helps to stimulate hair growth by supporting your hair’s natural keratin. It helps to replace hair that was lost due to excessive shedding or breakage. Without Vitamin B-5, it would be difficult for your hair to grow at a steady rate. The structure of your hair and skin depends on this wonderful vitamin to stay healthy. Like other B vitamins, Vitamin B-5 nourishes your follicles from the inside out and is responsible for the shine and luster of your hair.

Coconut Oil
This popular oil has been used worldwide to help support hair and scalp health. Because of its similarity to our scalp’s natural oils, coconut oil is one of the few oils that can actually moisturize your hair. This helps to prevent breakage and hair loss. You can also massage it into your scalp to treat dry scalp issues and to moisturize your roots.


Where to buy & Alternative

Now you can get the above vitamines for perhaps cheaper, but it will mean you need to take a lot more pills. For people who perhaps only want one thing from the vitamines or do not mind taking a lot more pills opposed to two bears I found some links with vitamines.

Vitamine A  – €2.94
Vitamine C – €4.88
Vitamine E – €5.74
Vitamine B-6  – €4.47
Folic Acid –  €3.92
Vitamine B-12 – €5.89
Biotin – €6.70
Pantothenic Acid – €6.23
Coconut oil – €7.89
Total:  €48.66

Sugar Bear Hair Official Site – €29.99
Sugar Bear Hair – €32.07
Sugar Bear Hair John Beerens – €25.95

♥ Denna

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