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Swarovski Stardust in Dark Gray


Let me start with the exciting news that my picture with the Swarovski Stardust has been featured on the Swarovski site. You can view me at the gallery  and this is a direct link here. If you check the link in the webshop you can see me there. I am super excited to be featured with my phone camera foto there, but for you today I will have some nice quality pictures and a review for my new Swarovski Stardust double bracelet in dark gray. Before going on about this bracelet I want to point out that this bracelet is currently on sale.

Swarovski Bracelet

So let me start with some information about this bracelet. This bracelet is a nylon fishnet tube filled with gorgeous Swarovski crystals, the closure is palladium with two strong magnets and an unique closing system [but more about that later]. This bracelet comes in two sizes. I was very lucky to have a friend with a startdust bracelet and she let me try on her’s before I ordered mine online on the Swarovski site. But to be honest, it is a small or medium. If you have really thin wrists or normal sized wrist and you want to wear it tight, pick a S. If you have normal sized wrists and you want to wear it slouchy a bit lower on your arm, I would go for a medium.  Mine is a medium, I have normal sized wrists not really thick but also not really thin. I wanted to use this for layering and I wanted it as a casual summer bracelet so I got a medium while a small also would have fit great.

I got the Dark Gray bracelet from the Official site here it is normally €79.00 but I got it at a discount for €39.50.  Why I got the dark gray is really simple, because I wanted to layer it with colorful ones but I was still debating on pink and purple. I might be getting both as single version the moment I make more money because I am broke at the moment. What I like about the stardust bracelet is the vibrancy of them, the colors really pop and in the summer when the lights hit it…magic! Or should I say stardust? Swarovski really did a lovely job with these. Also did I mention you can wear the double one as a necklace.

Now I am gonna be honest, €79 is a big price for a nylon bracelet and there are cheaper alternatives. Like here on eBay at that listing you will be paying $1.32 for single and $1.56 for a double. And I did order one before getting my current bracelet. And I am firm believer that some things can be also great when bought cheaper. But the clasp and quality from those eBay bracelet is nothing compared to the real one. The bracelet is not that sturdy and has thinner mesh but more important the bracelet kept opening. The clasp on the Swarovski one is really sturdy and it does take some strengt to open. Those Swarovski stardust bracelets really keep in place and that is what I am willing to pay more for. The quality is really 10/10. But if you are interested in these for cheap or want one for a child, the eBay version is a nice option.

So I am a big fan of this Swarovski double stardust bracelet, they are something you can get addicted to. Wanting more and more colors.
♥ Denna

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