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    Cheap easy gel manicure for your nails to do at home

    Bracelet is complete Pandora
    Ring is Lott Gioielli
    Brushes are Aliexpress [Only $2.59 for a set]

    Nail polish worn is Focallure 126 currently prices at $1.16

    Stunning Gel manicure

    Looking at nails, my life has always been a struggle of wanting strong long nails and keeping my natural nails. I weekly play at least one match of volleybal and next to that I tend to be really active. Having long nails does not fit that lifestyle, I had coaches yell at me that I needed to cut my nails so short that they would not go over te tips of my finger. But I am stubborn and I always kept longer nails and recently I cracked the code. How to get strong nails that do not break when playing sports and look more expensive then they are. To do this, I got all my supplies of aliexpress to get quick, easy and cheap gel nails. So are you interested in what I use but also the pro’s and con’s, keep on reading.

    Also note: I am not a professional but this works for me.

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    What I ordered at Aliexpress [1]

    Summer fashion haul

    Aliexpress is perfect for things you would love, but not really need. Those things you don’t want to spend a lot of money on but would make you smile.  But those who order a lot on Aliexpress do know how long shipping takes, a really long long long time. So during this month I prefer to buy things for summer, start shopping around for things to take with me on vacation. Now I do not like to take expensive sunglasses and jewelry with me on vacation, so I bought four things that would be perfect for summer.
    The first thing is a pair of cat eye sunglasses, the colorway that I ordered is not pictured here but you can click the link. I got myself the black with purple/pink glasses. I kind off want the gold pair with pink glasses, but first I wanted to see how they fit my face. I mean these are really pretty but I do hope they are also big enough for my large head. Also these are $3.51, free shipping.
    Next up I got a monogram silver necklace, this one wil be handmade with my own initials. aDm. An custom made necklace is normally kind of expensive but Aliexpress makes it cheap. One of the things I love about these cheaper necklaces is that they normally are Tibet silver so they do not leave your neck all green. They look like real silver but are mostly coated with it.
    The bangle on the lower left is kind of special, because it has a function.  You know when you take a hair-tie with you and it leaves a mark on your wrist? This bangle prevents that and makes your elastic look super cute.
    Last up are the v-shape earrings, not to be confused with vagina shaped earrings. Just the letter V, or a triangle but more fancy.  Not sure why I am describing it because you all can see the image. It is a lovely gold color and kind of like a hoop.

    So I ordered this, what do you all want to see featured from this Aliexpress Haul?
    ♥ Denna