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    Wishlist March 2018 ~ Mixed items

    Pretty things on my wishlist March 2018

    I love wishlist posts for inspiration and it keeps me from spending money on things I don’t need. When I have a set wishlist I wil turn to that instead of blowing my money on stuff I won’t really want in the long run. I think the above image is me in pictures, I tend to like a lot of different things and if you click read more I will show you all the links to the products. Also I will include a YouTube video to the games and tell you why the jump rope is needed in my life.

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    #Fitgirl, sport make-up

    Sport make-up

    I personally do not feel that you NEED to wear make-up when working out. But I do like myself a little make-up when I am going to sport and that made me wonder. Why do people wear make-up when sporting and what is my opinion about this subject. Let me start with saying what I wear when sporting, I tend to wear a full face of make-up or at least the above products. Most of the times I add a lipstick or gloss that does not move during my work-out because nobody wants it all running over their face. My current favorite lip product for sport is Bourjois Rouge Velvet it gives amazing color payoff and stays firmly in place but also these glosses are amazing. When in doubt always go for a liquid lipstick like OCCAnastasia or Dose of colors. But I am getting sidetracked. I tend to powder my face before running out of the door but to be honest I will get shiny and sweaty when working out so I do not mind. Also I tend to powder in my eyebrows and spray some perfume that is pretty basic. Now I do have to admit that I LIVE for a winged eyeliner and I drop that on my face also when I am working out. As a volleybal player I think it is also slightly intimidating when I stare them down with my sharp winged liner. But then again I am less serieus with my bright pink sport shoes.

    So I do wear make-up when working out, but I never carry make-up in my sport bag. Why? Because I go to play sports and not to look the prettiest on the field. The moment I start I care very little for appearance and so much more for results. Who cares is my eyeliner is not perfect at the end as long as I won the match I am happy.
    I once had a teammate years ago that asked me during a training to look in her eyes. I looked expecting her to ask me if she had a bug or lash in her eye. But she said “Is my make-up still okay?”. I am not a fan of that mindset during sport. I do not mind people taking a quick selfie but sport is not a fashion show.

    So what is your opinion about wearing make-up during sport and what is your preference?
    ♥ Denna

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    Healthy Green Salade with Wasabi and Pink seasalt

    Healthy food

    I never have time to cook or should I say that cooking is not my forte. I do like making salades and I found some lovely combinations that I want to share. I am loosing weight at the moment and I try to eat healthy but also yummy. I want to eat things that taste good. And this is my current favorite Healthy Salade has the best topping. What might seem as a simple thing, has a few added things that make it special and healthy. Also what I want to mention is that it is not really expensive and you only need a few ingredients. So if you want to know what I added to the salade you see above, keep on reading! Also a big shout out to my new camera because it takes pretty pictures!

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