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    Venom ~ We are #Venom

    Venom, Embrace your inner Anti-Hero

    10.05.18 we get an other anti-hero movie, Venom! Venom is a symbiote created in the Marvel universe. The Symbiotes (originally known as the Klyntar) are a fictional race of amorphous extraterrestrial symbiotes appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The Symbiotes bond with their hosts, creating a symbiotic bond through which a single entity is created. My inner nerd is twerking, so excited I am for this movie. Anti-Heros are my favorite cause they are not so perfect, the story-line is not so overdone cause an anti-hero can fly of the chain. Today I want to talk with you about the trailer but also I want to zoom in on Venom, cause I feel like these movies are more amazing if you know a bit about the character before watching it. A side note, I hate Spiderman but adore Venom. I felt like people did not like suicide squad or understand it because they did not know the back story of many characters. So let’s take a look at Venom.

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    Patches up my jeans, step forward


    Patches for days

    Patches, are the next big thing. Recently I got myself a set of three patches, those patches can be ironed on clothing for a playful effect. So as the little tech crazy girl I am, I turned to google images and Instagram for idea’s.  It did not take long till I saw that they look amazing on jeans. I mean the trend of patches on jackets and especially army coats has passed in my opinion but on jeans it looks amazing.  While I am looking for the perfect jeans to sew on my patches [that include fries, a burger and the word love] I decided to write this blogpost and find some links for patches that look great on jeans….or bags,shoes,shirts. I collected an assorted collection of options for people who are on trend but also for us nerds.

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