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    Cheap easy gel manicure for your nails to do at home

    Bracelet is complete Pandora
    Ring is Lott Gioielli
    Brushes are Aliexpress [Only $2.59 for a set]

    Nail polish worn is Focallure 126 currently prices at $1.16

    Stunning Gel manicure

    Looking at nails, my life has always been a struggle of wanting strong long nails and keeping my natural nails. I weekly play at least one match of volleybal and next to that I tend to be really active. Having long nails does not fit that lifestyle, I had coaches yell at me that I needed to cut my nails so short that they would not go over te tips of my finger. But I am stubborn and I always kept longer nails and recently I cracked the code. How to get strong nails that do not break when playing sports and look more expensive then they are. To do this, I got all my supplies of aliexpress to get quick, easy and cheap gel nails. So are you interested in what I use but also the pro’s and con’s, keep on reading.

    Also note: I am not a professional but this works for me.

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