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    Sugar Bear Hair ~ Facts and day 1 ~ Let my hair grow!

    Sugar Bear Hair

    If you follow online influencers you might have noticed these blue bears that are said to give you amazingly long and full hair. Kardashian girls promote this product and are often seen on their Instagram with a bottle. Honestly I am smart enough to know that these are no wonder gummies because they are just vitamines. You can technically get everything separate and make sure you get the same dose as these Sugar Bear Hair Bear’s contain. But that is rather hard because the doses are so high, it would result in you getting a lot of bottles and taking a lot of pills while sugar bear hair only is two ‘candy-like’ bears a day.

    So today is my day one article about Sugar Bear Hair. I wil run over what my current start hair is, including measurements and pictures. But I will also break down what is inside, alternatives and where to get these. Today is the first article, after testing it for one month I will post an update and after two months I will conclude if I want to continue and if the results are worth it.

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