Favorite Technology and Gadget of May 2017

Technology and Gadgets

I love technology and I feel like I have not really shared that on my blog because I felt like I needed to fit in with the typical girly make-up blogs but you know…that is not me. I adore technology and I am a big geek/nerd. So why not share my love on this blog. Today I am going to share my favorite Tech and Gadgets of May.  These are things that I used a lot and that are my all time favorites. Perhaps I am going to make this a running series. Because soon I will be hauling a few more technologie items.

My favorites

Knuckle duster mount: I have been testing different mounts for my action cam but in the end I have to say that the knuckle duster/ finger mount is my favorite. I got it from eBay here and here. Only a bit over 2 dollar, for a mount that normally costs a lot more in stores. Mine if for four fingers, giving my shaking hands great stability. There is also a two finger edition. Depending on how you put your technologie on this mount you can use it to capture your environment or you can use it as a vlog camera.

USB Charger, three ports:  A while ago I just went wild at Ikea, I got this KOPPLA  charger with three ports. Meaning I can lay in bed and charge my phone, tablet and perhaps fitbit accually all technologie can be charged with it.  It is really lovely because you triple up your charging game. Now if you think the KOPPLA is to expensive, you can turn to eBay for this colorful charger. Also the same style can be found as car charger . Also for your non european people I found an american plug at Amazon here also Amazon has a car charger here.

House of Marley headphones:  I used to a cheap headphones girl, I mean give me a 5 euro headset in pink glitter and I am a happy camper. But one day I was strolling ik TKMaxx and I picked up a pair of Bluetooth wireless headphones. Can I get a slow clap for Bluetooth wireless stuff, fucking great! I have the Marley Rebel BT in blue.  I personally like them more in Grey, I am not a fan of blue. But my budget lifestyle had found the Blue ones on sale. Also Amazon sells these, here. And I am kind of sad that they have the black ones on sale, I want them. But who needs more then one headphone, still I am debating on getting them. Then again I can buy other goodies for that money.

Popsocket: I am one of those people who takes her phone with her in the bathtub, yes your welcome for the mental image. But to keep my large phone in my hand and out of the water I tend to grip my popsocket. It is an easy little knob that keeps your phone from dropping and shattering. I get mine from eBay, I bought a new one but that one did not come in yet. You can get them here. Also I want to point out that you can use it on different kinds of technology. You can put it on your phone, tablet, but it also can function as hook on the wall. Also you can wrap your earphones round it while it is on your phone or use it as a stand. Even Gigi Hadid has one.

What is your favorite gadget/Technology at the moment? Also what do you want to see on this blog.
♥ Denna

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