The haunting of Hill house

This netflix-show has people talking. People tell you it’s to scary and they pass out, puke or can’t sleep. The series was haunting for some, lame joke. I personally have an other opinion about this series. I watched the haunting of hill house in three days, meaning I can give you a mostly spoiler free article. I will mention some small things that are no spoilers to the storyline or questions raised during the episode. Also I will run down the reasons to watch or not to watch The haunting of Hill house.

To start with my threshold when it comes to horror series and movies. I think the Saw movies are rather funny, I think psychological thrillers are more scary then ghosts and I watch a load of horror without losing much sleep. Also I normally do not cry at movies [more about that later because it ties in with this series]

The Haunting of Hill House is a modern reimagining of Shirley Jackson’s legendary novel of the same name [a book I still need to read because it is said to be very different from the series], about five siblings who grew up in the most famous hauntedhouse in America. Now adults, they’re reunited by the suicide of their youngest sister, which forces them to finally confront the ghosts of their own pasts… some which lurk in their minds… and some which may really be lurking in the shadows of the iconic Hill House.

Coming into the series I had some problems with who is who, it took me some episodes to link the grown up versions with the child versions of the actors. It keeps switching between past and present and that can be confusing.  I also found myself loving the scenes with the children more then the present scenes, but it all ties together making it a full story. 

The haunting of Hill house is a series that has 10 episodes, round a hour per episode. It all feels like a movie, a real long movie. And I think that is also something that they wanted to make, something binge-worthy.

If you are planning to watch The haunting of Hill house, I would advise keeping a keen eye on the background. Every episode has between 8-12 ghosts hiding in the background and it gives it a very nice ambiance. I personally feel that the story is more sad then scary. During 10 episodes of the haunting of Hill house I had one scare. That scare was so unexpected that I dropped my phone, it was amazing. Further there are some moments that you need to process because it does have an elaborate story line.

If you are looking to be scared to no extent, don’t watch this because you will be disappointed. Are you looking for an unique and interesting storyline while trying to spot the hidden ghosts and do you want to get emotionally invested, do watch this.

♥ Denna

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