Thick Green Sweet Smoothie that is healthy and yum

Green Sweet Smoothie

Smoothies can be hard to make in the sense of getting the flavor right. So recently I decided to make something that is sweet yet healthy. A lot of people hate smoothies because they seem bitter or taste too green.  So I mixed something together that is really sweet, it has a nice coconut flavor but still makes sure you get in your protein and greens. It might look a bit green but I always prefer to add some veggies to my sweet smoothies. And I added spinach, that rich is in vitamines and minerals and is good for a load of things. I think that spinach is my favorite thing to add because it does not ruin the flavor and it is so damn healthy. Also this recipe features coconut and this fruit is good for skin, hair and losing weight. I always make a large bottle of this and sip all trough the day, it keeps you full without feeling like a damn weightloss shake.


I always add things that I have in my house, I am not one of those people who needs to got to the story everyday to get food. I always have greens and fruits at home. Coconut milk I get in cans and they stay good for weeks. I tend to buy five at a time and just hoard them. Also the whey is optional but it does add a large amount of protein.

1 can of coconut milk
1 portion of Creamy Coconut milkshake from Body & Fitshop
150 gram spinach
1 large banana


For the full recipe this contains:

  • 592 kcal
  • 53 Carbs
  • 26 Fat
  • 37 Protein

But this recipe makes a royal portion, I am pretty sure it is enough for two people so then you can half all the macros. I feel like this all in all is super healthy. I mean you are eating or drinking stuff that fit a healthy lifestyle. Perhaps it is also good to point out that Macros are not everything, I mean they give insight but you should always pick good things to eat. Good food is also important.
This is currently my favorite smoothie, I would love it if you left a comment with your favorite smoothie. 

♥ Denna

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