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Venom, Embrace your inner Anti-Hero

10.05.18 we get an other anti-hero movie, Venom! Venom is a symbiote created in the Marvel universe. The Symbiotes (originally known as the Klyntar) are a fictional race of amorphous extraterrestrial symbiotes appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The Symbiotes bond with their hosts, creating a symbiotic bond through which a single entity is created. My inner nerd is twerking, so excited I am for this movie. Anti-Heros are my favorite cause they are not so perfect, the story-line is not so overdone cause an anti-hero can fly of the chain. Today I want to talk with you about the trailer but also I want to zoom in on Venom, cause I feel like these movies are more amazing if you know a bit about the character before watching it. A side note, I hate Spiderman but adore Venom. I felt like people did not like suicide squad or understand it because they did not know the back story of many characters. So let’s take a look at Venom.

Let’s talk about ya boy, Venom

As said Venom is a symbiote, it can be seen as a black liquide ooze that bonds with its hosts body, it needs a host to survive. The first symbiote was actually Spiderman, but he seperated himself when he found out the true nature of the symbiote. The second most know host is Eddie Brock. Venom the movie also focuses on Eddie and does not include Spiderman.  I can not point this out enough, it makes me very happy because I am not a Spiderman fan. Eddie Brock his story is much more darker and that is what makes the movie more interesting in my option.

Eddie started as a journalist [who doesn’t] but after one article about the Sin-Eater his life got turned for the worse. He wanted to break a big story. Eddie wrote front-page exclusives of the Sin-Eater, protecting his identity under the First Amendment, until a crisis of conscience and pressure from the police and his editor forced him to write an exclusive article revealing Gregg as the Sin-Eater. He pointed towards Greg because he told him that he is the Sin-Eater. That edition of the paper sold out immediately, that same day Spider-Man captured and revealed the true identity of the Sin-Eater to be Detective Stan Carter. Gregg was found to be Carter’s delusional neighbor, making Brock a laughingstock among his fellow journalists. This ruined not only his carrier but also his personal life. He began contemplating suicide and decided to visit a church to ask for forgiveness before committing his mortal sin. A strange man tells him he might find what he is looking for inside. He is then surprised by the symbiotic that attacks him and bonds with him

Above I made a collage that features the different artwork of Venom and a screenshot I took from the trailer. I think they really overlap and look similar.

 Some trailer talk

This little nerd decided to watch the trailer five times in a row, girl has to know everything. First off let me tell you how much I adore the design of Venom. the black slime that is his body, the teeth that are row after row and those eyes.  Het looks like a super shiny glazed donut topped and I would love a bite.
Also the tongue, it is hard to do something so icon in such a good way and they surely did with this movie. I do hope that the tongue gets a lot of movie time in a delightful and gross way.
The one thing that I noticed is that the origin story does seem very different then the story the comic tells us. It can be a good thing because the trailer shows us a very strong story, it takes away the predictable aspect yet hopefully stays true to the character. The trailer does show Venom being his darling anti-hero self and I do think that the voice Venom uses is brilliant. It truly shows the character how I always tought of it.

Is this movie one for the watchlist or are you skipping?
♥ Denna


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