Wishlist March 2018 ~ Mixed items

Pretty things on my wishlist March 2018

I love wishlist posts for inspiration and it keeps me from spending money on things I don’t need. When I have a set wishlist I wil turn to that instead of blowing my money on stuff I won’t really want in the long run. I think the above image is me in pictures, I tend to like a lot of different things and if you click read more I will show you all the links to the products. Also I will include a YouTube video to the games and tell you why the jump rope is needed in my life.

Heavy Rain & Beyond two souls

Let me start with the two trailers of these games. Also these are mature games, are you under 17 I would not advice to click these.

So these two games are remasters versions of PS3 games, they come in a bundle for €40 at GameMania. For the same price it is also at Bol.Com. You can also get it at Amazon and

 Jump Rope

Jump rope from Aliexpress,this one is $2.02 and the cheapest I could find that fits my needs. It also comes in 10 colors. Using a jump rope can have massive benefits if you want to get fit, it trains coordination, agility, footwork, quickness and endurance. Also it is cheap and easy to learn. There is no limit to who can use a jump rope to exercise and paired with a pair of wireless headphones [I got these super cheap but quality ones] you can have fun and still get fit.  I felt like this was a staple I needed for my little at home gym because I can do a full workout with it but also use it to warm up. Why this Aliexpress version and not a simple jump rope from the store you might wonder? I wanted a wire jump rope/ speeed jumprope. Normally these set you back €20 like this from from Adidas. You can go faster with a wire one and it is more durable, also the one I picked you can adjust to your lengt.

Brown hair

People know me with blonde hair, I always have the same hair but it ranges from white to gray. Sometimes I get roots dyed in and other times I get a balayage. But secretly I want to dye my hair brown, I got a load of images with different shades of brown but my favorite has to be the one that I used in the collage and that I found here. I know it will be a complete change but I am ready for it. Who am I kidding, I am scared I will look like a zombie after my hair is done but change is good.

New helix jewelry

Soon I will be posting a review of All over Piercings. I ordered the above ring for my Helix and here is the link.

Boohoo bug bag

I adore little cross body bags, they can be used in every occasion. From dates,shopping till just running towards the store. Now I have to admit that I love bees. They look adorable and I have a necklace with a tiny bee on it. It will come at no surprise when I came across this Boohoo bee bag that I needed to include it in my februari wishlist. You can get this cross body bag at Boohoo for 16 pounds. I love how expensive it looks while it is only 16 pounds.

Simple round brush

The most random thing on the wishlist is this brush from Forever 21, for €4. It is simple, I need a brush for my sport bag. At home I use a tangle teezer.  But for sport I want something that just is cheap and easy and something that I would not mind breaking overtime. Also how cute is the design that Forever 21 picked?

What is on your wishlist?
♥ Denna

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