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X-men apocalypse Movie Review


X-Men with amazing characters

The story of Katniss Everdeen who got a blue make-over, Sansa Stark who turned bad-ass and slightly phoenix and how Charles Xavier lost his hair. Yes I am talking X-Men Apocalypse. With the emergence of the world’s first mutant, Apocalypse, the X-Men must unite to defeat his extinction level plan.  As the fate of the Earth hangs in the balance, Professor X must lead a team of young X-Men to save mankind from complete destruction. Somehow I feel like every X-men movie has the same plotline but I did want to give this movie a chance to prove itself.


The X-men movie went on for so long before it started to be interesting to me. And it pains me to say this but halfway I wanted to walk away. But being the little decent blogger that I am I decided to sit it out and see how it would improve. And I think movies need to have good beginnings so you get sucked into it and this you are part of the Marvel universe. So I am kind of sad that the beginning was really boring. It showed us the characters and a bit of the backstory. But because there are a lot of characters I got a few backstories. It was more a trailer trailer trailer kind of movie, then we have some action and ending it in a really good way. I wanted an apocalypse, I wanted x-men in an apocalypse.

What I did like was to see how Scott / Cyclops got used to his powers but it did feel rushed. Perhaps because they wanted to pack this movie with different characters and yet I felt like they could have focused on two or three making it less messy. Scott is a a-hole in the movie and Tye Sheridan does play him wel. His chemistry with his future wife is crap in my opinion because they do not show enough interaction between him and Jean Grey played by Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner. Marvel could have build on this relationship and show the timed Jean who grows out to be the bad-ass phoenix and the asshole Scott who we liked more as the movie went on.

The real winner in my opinion is QuickSilver played by Evan Peters had the best clip in the whole movie. You can view that scene here and hear the song here. Most amazing movie moment and use of music. And I love sweet dreams as song for movie and I tought nothing could top the song in the movie suckerpunch, you can hear the song here.
The real loser of this movie is Olivia Munn as Psylocke. She looks amazing and the powers are amazing. She has four lines I think? I mean she walks round looking hot but nothing more. She could have been such an amazing character and yet again a superhero movie feels the need to have a hot babe in a tight outfit.

I do not want to spoiler to much about this movie but when the movie was ending I wanted more. But I want to point out that I did not want more because the movie was that amazing, I wanted more because the movie started to become interesting during the ending.

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